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G8 Dollar Yen against high before 3-month near meeting

The Central Bank left interest rates on hold at its policy meeting. Investors increasingly believe the BoJ will raise rates to 0.75% as soon as August of September and the European Central Bank is seen raising rates at least once more this year and some see the Bank of England further raising borrowing costs too in contrast to expectations for a rate cut in the United States later this year. The Dollar rose for the second time this week and hit a three-month high against the Yen after reports showed unexpectedly strong growth in US housing starts and industrial output last month, completed with a large rise in US business activity. In addition, the Japanese first-quarter growth data was near forecasts and kept Bank of Japan on track to lift interest rates later this year.
back rate on US report; cut CPI possible future Euro bounces US

US CPI data suggested that inflation is under control and a possible rate cut by the Federal Reserve is not ruled out. The Euro gained to a record high against the Yen in yesterday's session, topping out at 163.66 on strong carry-trade flows.
data edged inflation Dollar lower of ahead US

The Euro was higher across the board, tracking a rise in Euro-zone Bond yields, which hit multiyear highs on a view that the European Central Bank will raise rates at least once more this year. Naming inflation as the main risk to the US economy suggests the Fed is more likely to keep its key interest rate at current 5.25%, to fight inflation before its cuts rates to spark economic growth. An unexpectedly strong report on New Zealand Retail Sales (1Q) renewed talk that the country's central bank may have to further raise interest rates to cool the economy. The Dollar edged lower against the Euro on Monday, ahead of US inflation data and a series of speeches from Federal Reserve officials that could yield clues on whether a cut in US interest rates is likely this year.
Fed's awaits Forex and Consumer data US Price speakers market

Japanese wholesale prices rose more than expected in April, keeping the Bank of Japan on track for an interest rate increase later this year. That view was reinforced by the Fed's statement on Wednesday in which it said it remains focused on seeing price pressure ease more, although it kept interest rates steady at 5.25%. Analysts said the Dollar found some support as investors were becoming increasingly convinced the Federal Reserve will not cut interest rates any time soon. Expectations are growing for the BoJ to lift rates to 0.75% from the current 0.5% in the third quarter.
highs hikes to rises one-month 25bp; Dollar vs BoE rates Euro

The Bank of England hiked rates 25bp to 5.50%; the sterling dropped 0.8% against the dollar. to curb inflation, a term known to be used before rate hikes, expected to come in June. ECB President Trichet emphasized the need for ?vigilance?
rates FOMC BoE expected held 5.25%; to rates raise 25bp. at

The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee is expected to raise rates by 25bp to 5.50% on continuing inflation concerns. The FOMC held rates at 5.25% as expected.
due decision today FOMC rate

Market consensus indicates US rates unchanged after weak economic numbers in April, a slumping housing market and stronger growth elsewhere.
Bank ahead Dollar Central lower trades of Meetings

The Fed is rumored to keep rates unchanged at 5.25%, for now. he greenback remains under pressure as other economies grow at a faster pace than the US.
wins; data; payrolls Sarkozy up. Euro Soft

The Euro trend is still up. With soft payrolls data and Sarkozy's win, the Euro is still up. April non-farm payrolls expanded by 88k, well below the 100k estimate, the slowest growth in two years. The unemployment rate increased by 0.1% to 4.5% (expected).
payrolls data USD ahead holding steady of

The Australian dollar did not find big buyers at the 0.8280 level and instead broke down through the April 9 low of 0.8233. Labor market figures today are the key to the greenback's survival. Furthermore, traders expect the ECB to hike rates in June and possibly once more by the fourth quarter. USD holding steady ahead of payrolls data.
higher outlook go Euro/Yen rate looking to Cable interest amid and

The dollar is looking for a third day of gains today as ISM Non-Manufacturing numbers are rumored to be better than expected. Look for the Euro and the Dollar-Yen to trade to $1.3560 and Y120.40 today respectively. Euro/Yen and Cable looking to go higher amid interest rate outlook.
dollar ISM high to the US boost against two-month figures Yen

ISM figures boost US dollar to two-month high against the Yen. US manufacturing grew at its fastest pace in almost 12 months, posting an ISM index figure of 54.7 versus 51.0 expected and 50.9 previous. The EURJPY dropped to 162.50 in early trading this morning, but found strong support to trade it back to 163.00.
the Canadian Australian and monthly greenback. gains biggest post dollars against the

Gold bounced back from its initial support of $670/oz to $678 on continued dollar weakness. The Canadian and Australian dollars rose 3.88% and 2.48% against the US dollar respectively in April. Traders target the upper trend-line level of $1.3800 for the Euro.
for US weakness! Yen employment comments about Forex numbers and is market G7 waiting

The markets had expected the index to improve further to 51.7. Analysts are more likely looking at an interest rate rise from ECB in March and probably again later this year. In Europe, Industrial recovery slows but remains intact: the fall in January?s Euro-zone Manufacturing PMI to 55.5 from 56.5 was a little disappointing. At this time, the direction of US growth remains hard to forecast, even if recent data have been strong, and it makes the Federal Reserve?s next decision difficult. In US, the drop in the ISM manufacturing index to a 3 1/2 year low of 49.3 in January, from 51.4, is an indication that the rebound in economic growth in Q4 will be slowing down. Investors are watching G7 very carefully; the Yen gained across the board as speculation intensified that G7 finance ministers might discuss Yen weakness at nest week?s meeting?
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