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Best Web Hosts?

Anyone that’s been in the web site building game for any amount of time has accumulated a list of web hosting companies that rock … and a list of web hosting companies that are 180 degrees in the other direction. Whether you use cheap virtual web hosts or heavy-duty dedicated servers, you’re bound to have favorites … it’s time to share, my friends … is my personal favorite. They’re inexpensive (starting at just three bucks a month!) and when I’ve needed help with things, they’ve been both friendly and fast … perfect for the small websites that I often build for friends and fun.
Lets open it up to the Gnomieverse …

What’s at the top of your list of criteria to look for in a web host?
Who are your favorite web hosts?
What’s the most you want to pay to have your website hosted on a monthly or yearly basis?

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Trading Forex Virtual

The promise of 24-hour support by phone or live chat was ever so enticing.
I wanted to plug my info into the form and click the GET STARTED button.’s ad beckoned “TRADE TRADE TRADE MOOOOONEY,” with a Yen symbol for the Y. Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Forex trading, but have been afraid to ask? “Get Into Currency Trading,” read the headline. Could it be time to get hooked on something new?
There I was this afternoon, unwittingly reading a article. Forex seems so mysterious, so alien … yes, even foreign … what if I pushed the wrong button and started trading real funds?
I would love to have the chance to “practice Forex trading under real market conditions, absolutely free.” Even better, with “no risk, no obligation.”
Alas, the squeeze page was left unsqueezed (or perhaps unsquozen, if you prefer the incorrect past tense). With the US Government’s crackdown on Internet gambling, this just might be the biggest money game in town. I just couldn’t cough up my info without learning more about the process.

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But I had a tinge of fear. “Start trading currencies now.” A big pillowed LEARN HOW button called to me like a siren.
The landing page was simple. “The only thing that’s not real is the money in your account,” said the knockout type that floated over the photograph of foreign currency.
This sounded too good to be true.
Oh how I longed to take advantage of the $50,000 in virtual funds, real-time quotes and charts. I salivated over the thought of easy-to-use trading tools, daily research and trade ideas. is offering a deal for folks to “Experience the exciting world of currency trading with a FREE practice account.” Forget about your online poker addiction, my friends.
Home Contest Brewing

Know someone that’s into home brewing? on Tuesday, May 1, 2007. is a kiss of death, as well.)
Ladies and Gentlemen … start your fermentation!
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Winning home brews will take home a one-time royalty of $5,000 and bragging rights for life. Here’s the chance to turn that homebrew hobby into national fame (if not fortune).
The Boston Beer Company, will take the recipe and reproduce, as faithful as possible to the original recipe, on a professional scale with the help of the homebrewer. If the product is brought to market and made available to American beer drinkers, the homebrewer will receive a one time royalty of $5000.00.
Entries will be accepted between Sunday, April 15, 2007 and 5:00 p.m. The Sam Adams Brewery is running its 2007 Long Shot American Homebrew Contest. But don’t even think about using the US Postal Service to deliver your bottles of home brew.
Light - Compact Lifespan Bulbs Fluorescent

How long do compact fluorescent light bulbs last? Identical Sylvania Soft White mini 60 compact fluorescent bulbs were simultaneously installed in both fixtures. This in turn, is supposed to be eclipsed by the longer lifespan. After having been on the compact fluorescent bandwagon for years, it’s clear that some compact fluorescent light bulbs last far longer than others. The bulbs ran flawlessly for months on end, but one bulb burned out far before the other. It all depends who you ask. That’s not always the case, unfortunately.
Sylvania Soft White mini 60 compact fluorescent bulbs have become a mainstay here at Ranchero Indebto, largely due to their ever presence at the local big box home improvement store. The packaging boasts that “This 3 bulb package provides 21 years of light,” and that each bulb “Lasts 7 Years.” Alas, experience has shown their longevity to have been overstated in some cases.
There’s a hallway here at Ranchero Indebto with a pair of recessed lights that are controlled via a single lightswitch. The fantastic energy cost savings (roughly 75%) are offset by the bulbs’ higher cost. Apparently the big brands back up their marketing claims and will make good … it pays to keep the paperwork and the packaging.

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Both bulbs came form the same package - one that boasted a life of 8000 hours - alas, we were nowhere near 8000 hours.
A while back, Gnomie Stan offered the sage advice to write the date of installation on the base of the bulb (before installation, of course).
Champions Soccer League in HD!

Real Madrid game at 5:00 PM EST on Wednesday in standard definition.
And don’t forget to check out, the coolest TV listing site on the web …

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Why is this worthy of a mention? This is why you bought that big screen TV, my friends … to see things you’ve never seen before …
Tuesday’s game between Barcelona and Liverpool pits the winners of the last two European championships in a do or die showdown at Anfield. ESPN2 will broadcast the games at 2:30 PM EST.
Can’t get enough Champions League soccer? ESPN2 is broadcasting a pair of UEFA Champions League Round of 16, 2nd leg soccer matches in high-definition this week. Because most Americans have never seen soccer with this beauty and intensity, certainly not in HD. Porto game at 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday and the Bayern Munich vs. Wednesday’s game between Lille and Manchester United at Old Trafford promises to be filled with drama. There’s no comparison. ESPNCL will broadcast the Chelsea vs.
Do as Stores? Abound CompUSA Bargains Closes

As with most fire sales, the discounts with this one will likely ramp up as the days click along.
What about it, my fellow Gnomies … found any great deals?

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Here’s a list of stores that CompUSA is closing.
There were poor souls holding up 20% Off CompUSA Store Liquidation signs near the highway and street corners surrounding our local CompUSA store this weekend. You missed the news that CompUSA is closing down stores left and right? What’s that? Blame it on Best Buy. Or you could just lay the blame on lame. I didn’t get to stop in to check out the scene, but online reports have run hot and cold. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, CompUSA is closing more than half their stores. There have been some bargains, but many folks remain unimpressed with the pricing, so far. Blame it on economic realities.
Hold Music Contest!

My fave Vermont-based brewery is holding a “Solid Gold on Hold” contest with a $1,000 grand prize shopping spree at Small Dog Electronics. Oh, I sure do miss that Humble Patience red … I could never get enough of that.
All you need is three chords …

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N.Y. Death to mundane muzak. (There’s an odd rule about Hawaii and California … go figure … those bros and wahines might be out of luck.)
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to Learning Guitar Play

My hands were far too small, I had no patience, and there was no Internet to help me find my way. After he belted out “Smoke on the Water” for the 1500th time, I finally picked up the guitar and set out to learn a few riffs of my own.
Now I still can’t read a conventional sheet of music to save my life, but I have no problem reading an enthusiast’s interpretive guitar tab. I’m trying to build my repertoire up so that when I’m cast out on the street, I’ll have learned enough songs on ye old axe to keep my tip cup filled up …

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He got a beginner’s Fender Stratocaster a couple years back for his birthday. Thank the stars my hands are large enough, that I’ve found the patience, and that I have a broadband connection.
So what got me started back on the guitar kick?
Blame it all on my son. It was a miserable experience. I tried to learn how to play the guitar back when I was a kid. The music industry might not like guitar tabs, but they have been a boon for me. Flash forward a few decades and I’m learning how to play the guitar, once again. It took a while to finally set him up with a guitar instructor, but he’s been improving ever since. I need to see the chords in character form and the diagrams are a huge help.
Learning how to play the guitar is more than therapeutic.