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RA from Information Views Survey... Billing & Systems Management

(And the more data I get the more I can do drill downs for comparative purposes...)
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RA Confusion? Developing Markets or for Continuity Developed & -

Is there continuity between the two as a part of RA maturity, or are we seeing a reflection of legacy (ie 'it works[/worked]') technical/business evolution? Not quite the same question as 'What's Next?', but there are some signs that RA is starting to develop along different lines in developing (high growth) and developed (customer retention led) markets.
Revenue Proactive justification of Economical Assurance.

Revenue Assurance is focuses on money, and should be justified in economical terms. Proactive RA is about preventing leakages from occurring.

Reactive and Active RA are about leakages that already occurred.

When we speak about reactive and active revenue assurance it is possible to estimate (based on many assumptions, which of course might be controversial), the economical impact, but how can you quantify the economical impact of proactive RA which prevents a leakage that did not occur yet?
Duncan Hunter True Conservative

Republican California Congressman Duncan Hunter is that candidate. As chairman, Hunter was instrumental in getting armor to our men and women overseas and took an aggressive approach in the war on terror. Hunter is a strong advocate of finishing the job in Iraq, supports Ronald ReaganÂ’s policy of peace... As presidential primary season approaches, many Republicans are wondering which candidate to support for the nomination in 2008. Hunter realizes America is at a crucial point in time when it comes to the security of our nation. He was the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee from 2002 to 2006.
How can rates birth time: Asians improve Baby

The two are linked. Investment in children through government spending may provide a much better return than accumulating vast fiscal surpluses to be invested in low yielding foreign assets or unnecessary infrastructure. That must change if the whole region is not to be a geriatric poorhouse. There is a dumb arrogance in East AsiaÂ’s approach to excess savings and its inability to face up to the reasons for its abysmal fertility rates. Rising Asia seldom thinks it has anything to learn from Old Europe. There is widespread assumption that a high savings rate is virtuous and that family values are...
help Credits pollution? Carbon Do Emissions reduce really

I have designed and built both air and water control systems that have successfully reduced water usage by 75%, air pollution by 99.99%. Whether it is called "emissions trading", carbon credits, or cap and trade, the practice amounts to buying and selling the right to pollute. I was invited by... It is an administrative solution to pollution and doesn't, in the final analysis, prevent pollution at all. I have been taking an engineering approach to pollution control for forty years. Before the reader jumps to the conclusion that I am a pro-business, pro-polluter, I would like to present my credentials.
Hunter And Presidential The Amendment Candidates Second - Duncan

You get to know a man very well around a campfire in the wild. We have bow hunted mule deer in the high desolate mountains of Nevada and stalked elk in deep snows of Montana. Hunting is a passion to him as it is for me. Duncan has no trouble understanding and... Duncan has a deep appreciation and hands on love of America's great out doors. I've personally known Duncan Hunter for over thirty years, both as a fellow conservative legislator and a big game hunting companion. He is deeply committed to preserving our American heritage and our Constitutional rights.
(Another Girlfriend Alert) Bill adventure and excellent (Clinton) BelindaÂ’s

He has been photographed with Stronach (right) several times. As potential girlfriends go, Belinda Stronach would rank as a true catch. She is single, youngish (she just turned 40), attractive, wealthy, impeccably well-connected and politically ambitious - glamorous in every respect. The tabloids cut to the chase: they called her the "blonde bombshell" or "Bubba's blonde." Bubba, of course, is Bill Clinton. The sightings seem to be getting more frequent, leading to press speculation that their relationship has moved beyond official "friendship"... Two years ago, Time magazine listed her as one of the 100 most powerful people on the planet.
housing migrant for Call rethink

Exercising choice She told the BBC she was aware... Industry Minister Mrs Hodge, who was born in Egypt, said rules should "promote tolerance rather than inviting division". Established British families should be given priority over economic migrants for council housing, government minister Margaret Hodge has said. The Lib Dems said the fault lay with Labour for selling off council homes. Social housing was limited and British families had a "legitimate sense of entitlement" to have their own homes. She has called for a rethink of social housing policy, to take account of length of residence, citizenship and national insurance contributions.
GOP? the Rudy Will Split

Only now, the once predictable alliance is on the verge of unraveling, largely because of one unruly presidential candidate-Rudy Giuliani. has been the key to electoral success, and Republicans know it. It's a coalition that has long been the envy of the Democratic Party: the dependable Republican conglomerate of fiscal, social, and national security conservatives. All of which is enough to drive... And, by the way, he's in the top tier in the polls. He's pro-abortion rights, pro-gun control, and pro-gay civil rights. The unity of GOP Inc. He's been married three times and is publicly feuding with his children.
sacrificed altar hypocrisy on of SUVs

Most ancient cultures, if only symbolically, practiced something of the same. This may be Darwinian: Without parental sacrifices children would not thrive, nor without the blood of warriors could the tribe survive. A belief in or impulse to sacrifice seems inherent in the human race. Their priesthoods convinced them that the gods who controlled natural forces were propitiated through blood sacrifice. Some concept of sacrifice is at the core... So that the sun would rise and the rain fall, the Mexica and Maya peoples of Meso-America once cut out countless living hearts on stone altars or tossed maidens down wells.
microwave Mom burning blames for Satan in baby

GALVESTON — A woman blames the devil and not her husband for severely burning their infant daughter after the 2-month-old was put in a microwave, a Houston television station reported. "Satan saw my husband as a threat. A Galveston County grand jury indicted Joshua Mauldin last week on child injury charges after hearing evidence... Eva Marie Mauldin said Satan compelled her 19-year-old husband, Joshua Royce Mauldin, to microwave their daughter May 10 because the devil disapproved of Joshua's efforts to become a preacher. Satan attacked him because he saw (Joshua) as a threat," Eva Mauldin told Houston television station KHOU-TV.
Becomes Newsweek: 'Surrogate' Hillary's Bill

He says a variety of factors influenced his decision but admits the flight with the former president didn't hurt. "He sat right in front of me," Smith later gushed to a Newsweek reporter. "He's going to go down as one of... While Hillary Clinton spoke in Selma, Ala., to commemorate "Bloody Sunday," her husband was on a plane practicing politics all the same with Malcolm Smith, the Democratic minority leader of New York's state Senate who, a few days earlier, had publicly criticized the Clinton campaign. "We shared the food." Two months later, Smith endorsed Hillary instead of Barack Obama.
Dress Islam Woman's) (Aussie "offensive" to

"I'm just incredulous as to why they would... Dress "offensive" to Islam By Ellen Connolly May 20, 2007 12:00 THIS is the outfit that has been labelled "offensive" and "disrespectful" to the Muslim community. Ms Bourke, who was wearing a black trenchcoat, knee-high boots and gloves, said she was shocked and humiliated. Twenty-three-year-old journalist Latika Bourke was verbally attacked bya group of Muslim men outside a Sydney mosque because of her dress. You need to cover up, you mutt','' Ms Bourke, who works for 2UE Radio, recounted. "This young man approached me and said: 'You should be wearing more clothes.
Cartoons Were (Danish) Claim Motive Terror

Charlotte Alsing Juul accused three of the men of using the cartoons and Denmark's participation in the Iraq war as justification for planning to bomb 'a place where political decisions are made', such as parliament's address... Cartoons were terror motive claim 17.05.2007 Prosecutors claim that four men charged with planning a terrorist bombing were seeking revenge for publication of the Mohammed cartoons Retribution for a Danish newspaper's publication of the now-infamous Mohammed cartoons was one of the motives behind four men's alleged plans to detonate a bomb in Copenhagen, according to the assistant crown prosecutor in the Vollsmose terror trial.
Claims in Atrocities Phony of Up With Charged Making Soldier Iraq

His story was contradicted by... Phony Soldier Charged With Making Up Claims of Atrocities in Iraq Sunday , May 20, 2007 AP SEATTLE — A man who tried to position himself as a leader of the anti-war movement by claiming to have participated in war crimes while serving in Iraq is facing federal charges of falsifying his record. Jesse Adam Macbeth, 23, formerly of Phoenix, garnered attention on blogs and in some alternative media after he began claiming in 2005 to have been awarded a Purple Heart for his service, which he said included slaughtering innocents in a Fallujah mosque.
homes: same nicer but prices
Manufactured look low the

And would it make a difference knowing it was built in a factory? Sam Sendee, chef and owner of Thai House Restaurant in Danville, bought one of Valley Home Development's "granny units," a 600-square foot, two-bedroom, one-bath manufactured guest house for his 82-year-old mother and teenage daughter after seeing it at the Spa,... But if residents knew that they could get a house built as well, looking as good for less, would they take it? DUBLIN - Building a home can cost families up to $300 a square foot, making a 2,000-square-foot home a costly proposition even without the land.
redistribute to his promise keeping Chávez

For centuries, much of Venezuela's rich farmland has been in the hands of a small elite. Chávez is carrying out what may become the largest... Then they light a match to the crops and declare the land their own. URACHICHE, Venezuela: The squatters arrive before dawn with machetes and rifles, surround the well-ordered rows of sugar cane and threaten to kill anyone who interferes. After coming to power in 1998, and especially after his re-election in December, President Hugo Chávez vowed to end that inequality, and has been keeping his promise in a process that is both brutal and legal.
cash open free!get for reward!Trading account Online! Forex $5

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Be Should In Revenue Assurance NGOSS?

I am not wedded to this argument, but I am not aware of any persuasive counter-arguments. Can anyone help? The argument goes as follows:

The purpose of NGOSS is to get lean, efficient telcos
The business case for Revenue Assurance is that it will correct defects, and in correcting defects will make/save more money than it costs
A lean, efficient telco does not suffer from many defects
NGOSS should deliver telcos that do not suffer from many defects
Hence, there is no business case for Revenue Assurance in a business which fully satisfies NGOSS
Hence, Revenue Assurance should not be part of NGOSS
What do people think? What are the strong counter-arguments?
RA New guidebook GB941

The Revenue Assurance team has released for TMF members review a new Guide book on RA, GB941, You are welcome to review the document, give your feedbacks, and/or open discussions on its content in the community

Welcome FAQ & RA

Welcome to the revenue assurance and management forum. This FAQ was put together to introduce the forum and our work to new contributors.
Who can contribute to the revenue assurance and management forum?
Anyone. All we ask is that you have a genuine interest in the topic. You do not need to participate in any of the other TMF activities involving revenue assurance but many of the regular contributors are also active in the TMF revenue assurance team.
How can you automatically receive email updates of new posts to the forum?
Members (but not guests) can get email updates of new postings to this forum. To get them, log on to the community site using your username and password. Go to the revenue assurance and management "open discussion" page, which shows the list of all the threads about revenue assurance and management. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the options button. A number of options can be set by the user, including one to receive emails - at your registered email address - each time a new posting is made or a new topic is started on the RA&M forum. Remember to press the button to "apply" any changes to options before you exit the screen.
What does the TMF's revenue assurance team do?
For several years the TMF has maintained an RA technical team. This works collaboratively to agree and document best practice in revenue assurance. It has so far issued a technical overview of the topic and a guidebook to revenue assurance.
In parallel, there have been several RA catalyst projects. These culminate in practical demonstrations of how RA tools can interact to identify and correct leakage. Many team members are involved in both the technical work and catalysts.
What are the current objectives of the revenue assurance team?
The team is working on the following topics:

compiling a comprehensive inventory of all types of leakage, for use as a checklist and assessment tool in service providers;
refining the revenue assurance maturity model, extending it for use as both a way of measuring the maturity of revenue assurance in a service provider and determining strategic priorities for change and improvement; and
defining KPIs for use in measuring and benchmarking leakage and integrity.
What is the link between the community forum and the team?
Threaded discussions relating to the work covered by the revenue assurance team often appear in the community forum. The forum allows free exchange of ideas at an early stage, before the team begins its collaborative authoring. It also allows the working groups for each topic to test out some of its ideas by seeking feedback from a wider audience. The readers, in turn, get early exposure to best practice as it emerges and prior to the official release of new material.
Individuals who do not normally participate in the revenue assurance team can post questions or suggestions to the forum, knowing they will get a response from the experts active in the revenue assurance team. I monitor this forum and use the questions and suggestions raised here to influence the direction of the TMF RA team's work.
is the of What percentage acceptable Leakage? Revenue

What is the acceptable percentage of Revenue Leakage?

Of course the textbook response is that it depends, it depends on the services provided by an operator, it depends on the operator having old homegrown solutions that were adapted to handle also new services vs. new standard OSS and BSS solutions, it depends on the geographical region of the operator, and it depends on the changes that the operator had recently experienced (major changes in its systems or network, a recent consolidation with another operator, etc). But lets stop being political-correct, if you would be pushed to the corner, and required to give a single number what it would be?

a) 0%
b) Less than 1%
c) 2 - 3%
d) 4 - 8%
e) Other (please specify)
success to a project want - If choice a you question RA multiple

Gadi A quick multiple-choice question, if you want a RA project to success, the single most important factor in will be

To have full CxO level support
To show quick gains at the beginning of the project
To convince all parties involve that you are a facilitator and not an inquisitor, that you will discover new heroes, and make no condemns
To reveal the causes for the revenue leakages as soon as possible

What is your opinion?
there Interconnect Reconciliation: any Queries' IS Checklist? Billing

Is there any check list of Queries when investigating interconnect CDRs between fixed and mobile networks? Am in charge of regulatory affairs in a full service telecom company; I asked this question to our IS billing staff and they seem to do it randomly!
I also would like if is there any full list of call scenarios for testing between mobile networks and mobile and fixed networks?
Thanks in advance for your Help.
Traffic Analysis

Hi, not sure if anyone can help shed some light on this...
I did analysis on the total erlangs (converted to minutes) for all cell sites for a given month and compared that against the reported duration in CDRs and I note a huge difference between the two.
I was told that the main contributor to such difference could be due to long ring time where B-party does not answer after a long time and thus the voice channel was occupied for longer than the duration of the actual call recorded in the CDR.
As well, I was told that there's no way to reconcile this difference or no way to quantify that the difference is actually due to the long ring time scenario quoted.
Is there really no way to reconcile the difference?

Perhaps we revenue assurance people sometimes go about things back to front.
I have been going over recent debates and I think we have a lot of "system thinkers" working in revenue assurance: the kind of people who take a look at the world and rearrange and organize the information into a system to explain how things fit together. But most people are not system thinkers, so they have little interest in systems until they are proven i.e. backed up with hard evidence. One problem we face is that hard evidence of revenue assurance success is rarely shared, and even more rarely given a $ valuation which is transparent.
The other day a friend asked me what revenue assurance is and I gave an answer based on what it should be. I said it should be an applied science, like economics or computer science. The purpose of the science would be to prevent, identify and correct mistakes that businesses make that are wholly within their control and measurably impact their financial results. Like other applied sciences, this would naturally draw on a variety of areas, like mathematics (e.g. complex systems), psychology (e.g. why people make mistakes and how to reduce their likelihood), etc. Continuing the thought, most sciences start to evolve not by developing a good and complete conceptual system and then fitting real-world observations into it, but rather the other way around: they accumulate observations and steadily apply better and better systems to organizing them. Again, we revenue assurance practitioners are not very good at making observations in revenue assurance, or at least not very good at sharing them. So one starting point would be to try to cross this hurdle in an unchallenging and straightforward way - by sharing anecdotes (or "war stories" as some people like to call them). It would not matter what the anecdote was about, so long as it followed these rules:

it involves a real problem that had already or was going to impact the financial performance of a business;
the author knows the $ value of that impact (even if not willing to share it) and can explain how it was calculated;
somebody undertook an action or solution that actually prevented or reversed the $ impact;
the author thinks the story might be interesting to other people working in revenue assurance.
So far we have 0 anecdotes and we need to end up with lots. Does anyone want to begin?
Secrets Guide: The RA Giving Away

what life was like before they became great. Obviously these people enjoyed quite a few good holidays but rarely said anything that people did not know already.
The problem with any guide published is that many people will be sceptical about whether it will be worth reading something that people are prepared to "give away". They will not understand why people actually shared valuable information with their competitors.
So my question to those of you who contributed to the new revenue assurance guidebook is, why did you do it? I worked for a company once, a really very silly company, full of people who wanted to fly around the world talking about revenue assurance. But when they got to the destination they were always worried about giving away the "secrets" of revenue assurance, so spent all the time talking vaguely about how great they were and the great things they were going to do next, but without explaining how they became great in the first place i.e.
Checklist Guide: RA Loss

Stephen Tebbett has done an awesome job in pulling together the checklist of every imaginable revenue loss cause known to man. But bet you nobody will ever admit to using it. Why?

People working in RA for service providers don't want to know about all the things they have neither time nor skills nor resources to do anything about
People working for RA vendors don't want to know about all the things that go wrong that are not addressed by their products
Consultants will want to pretend their "experience" means they already knew the complete list but they wrote their own years ago and much better (which is why customers should pay for them and not just grab the list and read it themselves)
Here's my challenge: can anyone think of positive scenarios where (1) a service provider RA dept, (2) an RA vendor, and (3) a consultant, would OPENLY admit (better still, promote) that they used the checklist to improve their work.
If we can think of positive scenarios, the next step would be to encourage real people working in all 3 cases to do just that!
to business the ownership take Incentivising

One of the many struggles Revenue Assurance departments within a service provider has is that they struggle to have any influence over areas of the business. This can lead to barriers preventing the resolution of potential leakages under the control of that area, and even prevent any detection activities occuring to assess for leakage.
Hugh and I had a brief discussion that I would like to open to the forum for discussion of a potential tool to break down these barriers:
Is there merit in applying the checklist of leakage points to a matrix for each area of the business showing how their activities can lead to revenue leakage. This could be turned into a 1 page crib sheet that could be used to raise awareness of RA within the business. E.g. a customer service representative entering poor information into the order entry system could lead to unbillable services being provided. Or a weak credit check could lead to customers being signed on who run up large amounts of debt.
Interested to know people's thoughts...

Guide: Audience RA

Writing guidebooks for RA is great, and our new guidebook is great, but one big problem is that nobody seems to know who exactly guidebooks are written for.
If the people reading the guidebooks already know RA through and through, why are they reading the guidebook?
If the people reading the guidebooks know nothing about RA, is the guidebook going to be too complicated?
Is the guidebook for the people who do RA, or for the people who tell them what to do?
If you understand RA, and your boss does not, but he tells you what to do, how do you politely use a guidebook to explain to him what you should be doing?
mean What we "proactive"? by do

I think everyone agrees that being proactive is a good thing. It certainly sounds better than being reactive. But the word gets used so much in revenue assurance circles it is starting to lose its meaning. In the thread I started on what comes next in RA, I noticed that many of the answers came down to whether people thought RA had finished a certain kind of job and could move on, or whether it still had some work to do before moving on. Asking a question about what it takes to be proactive is another way of looking at the same problem. (By the way, TR131 defines what proactive revenue assurance is, but I am assuming that at least some people will respond who have not yet read it!). So, which one of these statements best explains what "proactive revenue assurance" is:
1) Proactive revenue assurance means finding and correcting specific errors in implemented systems and processes before there is any financial impact (for example, late or reduced billing)
2) Proactive revenue assurance means finding and correcting potentially financially-impacting errors and flaws in the design of systems and processes before implementation is complete
3) Proactive revenue assurance means investigating any and every aspect of business performance that can be improved to give better financial returns without waiting to be asked to do so
4) Proactive revenue assurance means having a revenue assurance department that, independently of the rest of the management structure, defines specific objectives and activities that will lead to better financial returns
5) Proactive revenue assurance means that all employees of a telco are aware of the importance of revenue assurance and constantly act to improve financial performance
6) None of the above!
problem Addmitting a there is

It has often been said that "first step towards finding a solution is admitting that there is a problem.”

For Revenue Assurance this is also the case, as most projects to stop leakage can’t be quantified as those responsible for the leaking systems either don’t know what they are loosing or are afraid to admit it as it will make them look bad.

How can an IT manager admit that their systems are dropping records when they may not even know it?

The problems here are getting the people involved in the systems that are leaking to buy into the idea that this is in their best interests and to work on succeeding in the project.

Any suggestions?

next? What's Revenue Assurance:

Revenue Management.
2) RA if applied for a few years to a CSP will have solved most of the leakage problems with the main current sources of revenue but needs to keep having its approach refreshed to handle new technologies and products.
3) When RA solves the problems it in a CSP you can put it in a box as there is nothing left to do.
4) RA never has solved the leakage problems in any CSP I have seen and has a long way to do before it is ready to move on.
What do people think? Here's a quick question in the hope of gauging what people think are the major challenges for Revenue Assurance in future. Answers seem to fall into four categories:
1) RA if applied for a few years to a CSP will have solved most of the leakage problems so the next natural challenge is to broaden its sweep and become more productive at driving new revenues i.e.
G8 Dollar Yen against high before 3-month near meeting

The Central Bank left interest rates on hold at its policy meeting. Investors increasingly believe the BoJ will raise rates to 0.75% as soon as August of September and the European Central Bank is seen raising rates at least once more this year and some see the Bank of England further raising borrowing costs too in contrast to expectations for a rate cut in the United States later this year. The Dollar rose for the second time this week and hit a three-month high against the Yen after reports showed unexpectedly strong growth in US housing starts and industrial output last month, completed with a large rise in US business activity. In addition, the Japanese first-quarter growth data was near forecasts and kept Bank of Japan on track to lift interest rates later this year.
back rate on US report; cut CPI possible future Euro bounces US

US CPI data suggested that inflation is under control and a possible rate cut by the Federal Reserve is not ruled out. The Euro gained to a record high against the Yen in yesterday's session, topping out at 163.66 on strong carry-trade flows.
data edged inflation Dollar lower of ahead US

The Euro was higher across the board, tracking a rise in Euro-zone Bond yields, which hit multiyear highs on a view that the European Central Bank will raise rates at least once more this year. Naming inflation as the main risk to the US economy suggests the Fed is more likely to keep its key interest rate at current 5.25%, to fight inflation before its cuts rates to spark economic growth. An unexpectedly strong report on New Zealand Retail Sales (1Q) renewed talk that the country's central bank may have to further raise interest rates to cool the economy. The Dollar edged lower against the Euro on Monday, ahead of US inflation data and a series of speeches from Federal Reserve officials that could yield clues on whether a cut in US interest rates is likely this year.
Fed's awaits Forex and Consumer data US Price speakers market

Japanese wholesale prices rose more than expected in April, keeping the Bank of Japan on track for an interest rate increase later this year. That view was reinforced by the Fed's statement on Wednesday in which it said it remains focused on seeing price pressure ease more, although it kept interest rates steady at 5.25%. Analysts said the Dollar found some support as investors were becoming increasingly convinced the Federal Reserve will not cut interest rates any time soon. Expectations are growing for the BoJ to lift rates to 0.75% from the current 0.5% in the third quarter.
highs hikes to rises one-month 25bp; Dollar vs BoE rates Euro

The Bank of England hiked rates 25bp to 5.50%; the sterling dropped 0.8% against the dollar. to curb inflation, a term known to be used before rate hikes, expected to come in June. ECB President Trichet emphasized the need for ?vigilance?
rates FOMC BoE expected held 5.25%; to rates raise 25bp. at

The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee is expected to raise rates by 25bp to 5.50% on continuing inflation concerns. The FOMC held rates at 5.25% as expected.
due decision today FOMC rate

Market consensus indicates US rates unchanged after weak economic numbers in April, a slumping housing market and stronger growth elsewhere.
Bank ahead Dollar Central lower trades of Meetings

The Fed is rumored to keep rates unchanged at 5.25%, for now. he greenback remains under pressure as other economies grow at a faster pace than the US.
wins; data; payrolls Sarkozy up. Euro Soft

The Euro trend is still up. With soft payrolls data and Sarkozy's win, the Euro is still up. April non-farm payrolls expanded by 88k, well below the 100k estimate, the slowest growth in two years. The unemployment rate increased by 0.1% to 4.5% (expected).
payrolls data USD ahead holding steady of

The Australian dollar did not find big buyers at the 0.8280 level and instead broke down through the April 9 low of 0.8233. Labor market figures today are the key to the greenback's survival. Furthermore, traders expect the ECB to hike rates in June and possibly once more by the fourth quarter. USD holding steady ahead of payrolls data.
higher outlook go Euro/Yen rate looking to Cable interest amid and

The dollar is looking for a third day of gains today as ISM Non-Manufacturing numbers are rumored to be better than expected. Look for the Euro and the Dollar-Yen to trade to $1.3560 and Y120.40 today respectively. Euro/Yen and Cable looking to go higher amid interest rate outlook.
dollar ISM high to the US boost against two-month figures Yen

ISM figures boost US dollar to two-month high against the Yen. US manufacturing grew at its fastest pace in almost 12 months, posting an ISM index figure of 54.7 versus 51.0 expected and 50.9 previous. The EURJPY dropped to 162.50 in early trading this morning, but found strong support to trade it back to 163.00.
the Canadian Australian and monthly greenback. gains biggest post dollars against the

Gold bounced back from its initial support of $670/oz to $678 on continued dollar weakness. The Canadian and Australian dollars rose 3.88% and 2.48% against the US dollar respectively in April. Traders target the upper trend-line level of $1.3800 for the Euro.
for US weakness! Yen employment comments about Forex numbers and is market G7 waiting

The markets had expected the index to improve further to 51.7. Analysts are more likely looking at an interest rate rise from ECB in March and probably again later this year. In Europe, Industrial recovery slows but remains intact: the fall in January?s Euro-zone Manufacturing PMI to 55.5 from 56.5 was a little disappointing. At this time, the direction of US growth remains hard to forecast, even if recent data have been strong, and it makes the Federal Reserve?s next decision difficult. In US, the drop in the ISM manufacturing index to a 3 1/2 year low of 49.3 in January, from 51.4, is an indication that the rebound in economic growth in Q4 will be slowing down. Investors are watching G7 very carefully; the Yen gained across the board as speculation intensified that G7 finance ministers might discuss Yen weakness at nest week?s meeting?
Head Mentally Getting Straight Your – Trade Peparing to

One of the first things you need to do before you place your first trade is to determine exactly what you want to achieve.
Use FXrpm to How

In this article, learn how to use our proprietary forex ranking method called FXrpm... Trading successfully requires a simple yet effective system to enter and exit trades.
of Flexibility Premier Yuan Supportive Chinese

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said that China will move towards a gradual increase in the yuan's flexibility.
The Dollar U.S. at Level Key

The U.S. Dollar Index weakness has become a well-known and often-discussed news item. The weakness is such that it has crosses the chasm from active traders and into the consciousness of casual market observer.
Still Hike Bank Dollar Firm Rate of England After

The Bank of England raised benchmark rates by 25bps to 5.50% as widely expected.
Moves the Strategy Catch 2B Use to

The 2B strategy can be applied to almost any market...
with and FX Futures, Leveraging Binaries

Experienced traders who want to increase their returns often use leverage.
Fundamentals Forex

In the FX markets, the buckhas sold off even though today’s US data is more dollar positive than negative,purely because buyers are starting to become scarce ahead of critical resistancelevels. Inflation is the Fed’s primary focus, which made today’s report onconsumer prices even more important. After yesterday’s sharp movements in thecommodity and stock markets, today’s theme has been retracements. Yetthe Fed has chosen to focus exclusively on the inflation component at the risk ofgrowth. Read more here. The Fed’s Beige Book is already showing signs ofthis impact as many of the districts report slower growth and higher inflation. The pickup in mortgage rates has made renting a far moreattractive option than owning. Therefore until the nextmeeting, even if we do see the dollar give back more of its gains, it will probablynot come close to 1.30 in the EUR/USD as the fear of how far the Fed will go keepsdollar bears cautious of taking on new positioning. Oil and goldprices are both slightly higher, along with the Dow. The US dollar’s rally over the past month has become extremely overextended and the market is finally beginning to feel it. The higher mortgage rates rise, the more risksit poses for the housing market. US Dollar. Meanwhile tomorrow we areexpecting the TIC data, also known as the report on net foreign purchases of USsecurities. This strong pace of growth hassent rate hike expectations to 100 percent, with the market already beginning toprice in a tiny chance for another hike in August. This is a dangerous game to play, but with such solidarity behind theirdecision to unanimously tell the markets that another quarter point rise will becoming in June, it is a message that we cannot ignore. Although it mayseem like only a mild up tick from the 0.2 percent forecast, the three monthannualized rate of core inflation, the number that Bernanke is keeping an eye on,hit 3.8 percent, the highest level in over a decade. Bond yields has risen as traders price in higherrates, but at the same time the yield curve has inverted further, indicating thatthe market believes the higher interest rates will have a big impact on growth.Even though the rise in owners equivalent rent is an immediate inflationary concern,it is also a longer term headache. Talk of reserve diversification over the past few months could bringabout a weak number, which would extend the dollar’s losses. Headline prices rose 0.4 percent while coreprices rose 0.3 percent, which was slightly stronger than expected. However, a closer look at thereport shows that a large part of the rise was due to the higher cost of ownersequivalent rent.
Fundamentals Forex

If retail sales do come out extremely weak, the market will wonderwhether Bernanke is playing with fire, risking a global slowdown to combatinflation. With oil prices still hovering above $70 a barrel, if anyhurricanes this summer hit the US oil and gas heartland along the Gulf Coast, wecould easily see another record high in crude, which could pose another risk to thesustainability of consumer spending. He is slated to speak this evening and thenonce again in the morning and in all likelihood, he will stick to the script on BankSupervision because he knows that if he fails to affirm his newly hawkish stance,all credibility would probably be lost. Read more here. Financial editors of the press havehad a blast touting his keen ability to confuse the markets which comes in clearcontrast to the transparency, clarity and simplicity that he initially promised whenhe became Federal Reserve Chairman. Bernanke’s credibility has really come to question over the past fewdays and will be tested even more so this week. If the US consumer goes, so does the USdollar. Meanwhile the hurricaneseason begins with warnings that the season’s first Tropical Storm Alberto could benamed a hurricane. The foreign exchange market has been extremely quiet today with most currency pairs aside from the Canadian dollar calmly consolidating....The next few days will be verybusy as traders prepare themselves for a long list of key economic data scheduledfor release from all of the major countries around the world as well as a number ofFed speeches. These will be watched even more closely than they usually are because ifneither confirms the strong inflation concerns of the Fed, Bernanke’s credibilitywill be in question once again, which would be negative for the US dollar. Structural problems have been plaguing the US economy for years and basedupon the latest figures, it is far from being resolved. The onlypiece of economic data that was released today was the US’ monthly budget statement,which reported a larger deficit of -$42.8 billion compared to a -$35.4 billionforecast. When trading forex long term it is good to keep an eye on forex fundamentals, so here is a brief overview of what is going to happen with major currencies.S Dollar. Of the other Fed officials that spoke today, they either refrained frommentioning monetary policy or simply repeated their concerns with inflation.Whether inflation is really prevalent will also be proved this week as we first seethe producer price index tomorrow morning and then the consumer price index onWednesday. However as long as the US consumer holds on, the Fed will be able to aswell, which would validate and exacerbate the greenback’s recent climb * so keep aneye on weather patterns as well as retail sales. Given earlier signs of slower growth, thisweek’s data, starting with tomorrow’s retail sales report could potentially surpriseto the downside.
Trade Online Education Helps FOREX Currency

You can subscribe to the mailing list on the contact page to receive updates.Read more here. This educator advantage does not exist with currency trader training programs that are affiliated with dealers and brokerage houses."We will undoubtedly make the very best online training source for people interested in, or involved with, online currency trading" said Leonard Cox, program developer for the online FOREX school.Many educators and investment experts are previewing drafts of the curriculum. currency trade education has conducted research aimed at identifying the training needs of FOREX traders... Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2006 -- Staff of, determined that, especially due to the "investor beware" climate of the FOREX markets, there is a need for an independent source to provide currency trader training.The program is being developed by college educators who are experienced investment and finance professionals. The preliminary ratings of FOREX Business School are excellent. who want to increase their chances of success.
They New Online Opportunity Once Business Helps Succeed Entrepreneurs Where Failed

But less than 1% ever actually generate any income from their venture.Now there is an opportunity that lives up to its promises. With PAS, business owners focus on getting prospects to visit their website and from there a trained PAS representative does the follow up and closes the sale. Backed by 12 years of experience, the Prosperity Automated System (PAS) is a new type of network marketing that is allowing entrepreneurs to succeed where they once failed."The complete automation of PAS, from the presentation of the opportunity to the professional follow through by the team leader staff among other things, truly remove many of the variables potentially responsible for past failure rates” says Amber Barth, a PAS business owner. Alexandria, VA, June 13, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- The number of new online businesses started every year is growing at an astounding rate. Enticed by promises of a three-hour workweek and a million dollar salary, people are convinced that all they have to do is build their own website and they’ll be rich. “With a bit of effort, I believe anyone, regardless of their background can have success with this business."As its name suggests, the Prosperity Automated System is an automated system for earning money online. Unlike other network marketing businesses, members do not have to spend time cold calling, answering customer questions or following up with prospects.Read more here.
up Gold, drop, talk rate dollar on extend oil

After more than a month of steady declines, it has now lost all of its gains for the year. The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite index fell for the eighth straight day, dropping 0.9% to 2,072.47. Investors have dumped riskier assets and moved their money to dollars since May on worries that the US Federal Reserve would be forced to raise rates for the 17th straight time at a meeting on June 28-29 to stymie inflation despite signs that the world's biggest economy and Asia's biggest export market was slowing. The rate expectations helped push the dollar to a seven-week high against the euro and yen in New York and kept them near those levels in early Asian trading on June 14. Spot gold plunged to US$561 (RM2,070) an ounce to notch up a 22% drop in the past month. The losses in Asia spilled over into Wall Street where the Dow Jones industrial average dropped 0.8% to 10,706.14 yesterday. "Unless some fresh and strong incentives come out, money is likely to keep flowing back to dollar assets."Read more here. Gold, metals and oil extended losses on June 14 as investors dumped higher-risk assets, Japanese stocks regained lost ground and the US dollar set a seven-week high on persistent talk of higher US interest rates. Japan's Nikkei stock average (N225) dropped almost 1% at the start but clawed back the losses and registered a 1.05% gain, thanks to advances by retailers such as Aeon Co which are dependent on the domestic economy. The insipid recovery in Tokyo was reflected in other Asian stock markets with South Korea's benchmark KOSPI rising 0.9% and Taiwan's key index adding 0.85%. Tokyo shares had their biggest one-day percentage fall in two years on June 13. June 13's drop in gold prices was its sharpest decline in 15 years. "The market continues to see movements linked to risk aversion," said Kota Kimura, forex manager at Shinkin Central Bank.
Big You Seven Should Won�t (But Professors Things Teach You Know)

If you plan on a future in finance, you�ll need a grounding in financial theory. This is all well and good. And if you�re thinking about studying finance in college or graduate school, be prepared to be lectured on those topics and more during your coursework. If so, then terms like present and future value, efficient market theory, capital budgeting, arbitrage pricing and a whole slew of other exciting phrases are becoming part of your vocabulary. It is my intent to provide you with something of a guide to help you go beyond your text books and take your financial education to another level. That all falls under the umbrella of �practical knowledge� which is not what college curricula are generally designed to pass along to young, eager minds looking to learn.Have no fear, though! While it�s impossible to cover everything you could possibly want to learn in this brief space, here you will be given seven specific areas of focus. Your instructors won�t teach you the good stuff, the stuff that can really help you excel in your job or make money in the markets. This report will help fill in the gaps. Here�s the problem, though. From there you�ll be able truly accelerate your growth at a rapid pace, allowing you the opportunity to have more success.Read more here. Are you studying finance?
Into Forex An Greed Trader Force Can Early Remote The Retirement

It’s the effort that the remote forex trader will expend trying to make a profit that creates the market movement that enables you, as a remote forex trader, to succeed. The desire to make money is what motivates a remote forex trader to become successful. As it turns out, after momentarily shooting to $10.03, the price stops rising and starts to go down.Read more here. The volume is still building; it's stable at the current price; the market is rallying strongly; and it looks like it will go higher. The remote forex trader buys 1,000 shares at $6 a share. But the desire to succeed is different from the desire to get every bit of possible profit from a trade. This kind of reckless greed makes a remote forex trader hold on to their position long after the downside has started to outweigh the upside, until risk outweighs potential reward. Here's an example: a remote forex trader sees that a particular stock is starting on a run; it's reported good news and is already up 20% for the day. Athor makes few good points so i think it will be good to read and reread it. In the markets, greed is often a good thing. It is what drives companies to perform well, and what drives much of the markets movement. I recently found an interesting article about currency trading and greed. By 12:15 P.M., the stock has raced up to $10 - a gain of over 66% for the day, and a profit of $4,000 on 1,000 shares. This remote forex trader knows that round number price points, like $10, are psychological barriers for the remote forex trader and that if a stock is going to stop rising, it will probably be near a point like this.
of End news ADVISORY KWS May - 20 for cycle

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Timor occurs as president, in E. clash sworn Ramos-Horta

Ramos-Horta was sworn in by parliament chief Fransisco ''Lu-Olo'' Guterres at a ceremony in the heavily guarded national parliament building in Dili, which was attended by parliament members and diplomats.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos-Horta was sworn in as the new president of East Timor on Sunday, urging East Timorese to promote tolerance, but a fresh violence erupted in the capital Dili.
largest lottery 563 yen 2nd Japan's prize Soccer: million logged of

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killing allegedly mother karaoke went Fukushima to after teen

The police are examining security-camera images provided by the karaoke shop to back up his testimony and uncover his behavior before he turned himself in with the mother's severed head after the suspected murder in the city of Aizuwakamatsu, the sources said.

An arrested 17-year-old boy has told police that he went to a karaoke shop after killing his mother last week at an apartment in Fukushima Prefecture, investigative sources said Sunday.
as Timor Ramos-Horta in president, occurs clash E. sworn

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sent for gunman murder prosecutors Aichi attempted to

Police sent to prosecutors Sunday a former gangster in Aichi Prefecture on suspicion of attempting to murder two of his children and a police officer in the Thursday-Friday shooting spree at his home. The police said they are also trying to build a murder charge against Hisato Obayashi, a former member of a gang linked to Japan's largest crime syndicate Yamaguchi-gumi, for allegedly fatally shooting another police officer, Kazuho Hayashi, 23, at the incident site in the town of Nagakute.
activities in cooperative revitalize villages help farming to Gov't

The farm ministry plans to carry out a ''social capital'' program to subsidize and help revive cooperative activities in agricultural villages in a bid to revitalize those rapidly aging villages, ministry officials said Sunday. But they are now on the verge of extinct as many of the farmers who are community leaders have reached retirement age in their 50s and 60s.
Cooperative community activities have long served as the traditional core functions of agriculture production and life in Japan.
with makes 15-year-old Golf: Ishikawa victory Munsingwear history

Ishikawa, a 15-year-old former national junior high school champion, upstaged the top pros in the field with a one-shot win following a 6-under-par 66 in the final round on a day when 36 holes were played in a tournament affected by bad weather.

High school student Ryo Ishikawa put his name in the history books in Japanese golf Sunday by becoming the youngest winner on the men's professional tour at the Munsingwear Open KSB Cup.
Fukushima mother after to teen killing karaoke allegedly went

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sent Aichi gunman for attempted murder prosecutors to

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British US rates month rates overtake soon as as next may

The Yen on Monday dropped to record lows against the Euro and fell to its lowest against the Dollar since February after the Group of Seven passed over the issue of the Japanese currency?s weakness. GbpUsd rallied to 1.9940, its highest since September 1992.At weekend meeting in Washington, G7 finance ministers reiterated calls for exchange rates to reflect economic fundamentals and urged greater currency flexibility in China. Total sales increased by 0.7% in March, core sales (ex- autos) rose by 0.8%; almost half the gain was due to the surge in gasoline prices, which pushed up the value of sales at gasoline stations by 3.1%. Investor?s appetite for high-yielding currencies also helped propel Sterling to a near 15-year peak above 1.99 as strong British data reinforced the view that the Bank of England will raise interest rates again as soon as next month. Yesterday's rise in the value of US retail sales was largely due to higher energy prices.
correlation Forex

If there are US news that move dollar price down, then at the same time when EUR/USD is going up USD/CHF MUST go down, i think it is logical no more explenation needed.So how to take adventage of currency correlation?First of all go to and checko out how much and which currencies are the most correleated ones (i can tell you know that it will be EUR/USD and USD/CHF but shhhh check it out by yourself) at the diffrent days diffrent cross pairs can have diffrent correlation value, pick the ones with value about 80 or -80, and remeber to use timescale which is suitable to your trading style, if you trade intraday then it will be stupid to look at 20 day correlation are you with me here?Second, egzamine the charts. If you choosed XXX/USD, YYY/USD and USD/ZZZ and from your technical analysis it looks like first to will go down and third will go up then ther is very high probability that very strong and quick move in your direction wil occur, enough said.Now you proboably know what to do, check correlation, check charts and set your positions :) When treading stocks traders can take advantage of volume which is very usefull when trading technically, forex do not have volume, you maybe saw tool which shows volume on charts for example meta trader has such option but it is only diffrence between close and open price, but fortunetly when trading forex, we can use something diffrent and even more usefull then volume, currency correlation.Most (if not all) currencies pairs are correletated in some level, it is mainly because of Forex structure, in fact it can be called dollar and anti dollar market, face it dollar (despite it is getting weaker and weaker every day) is still the most important currency, so US economic news has impact on all currencies, but that is not even a point.When trading forex we trade two currencies, let's make it EUR/USD for sake of example, if we predicted it is going up and we are always right :> then what about USD/CHF?
buy Do Trading Strategy! not unknown Forex

I actually couldn't find anyone who was or is using one of this strategies, so i asked asuthors.Results where terryfinig it happens those who sell this strategies don't even know what they are talking about, for example what is "forex trading hours" some of sellers are not even aware of that they can trade forex 24 hours a day!!! Lately i was many times asked about, forex trading strategies for sale, they always offer big returns easy trading without stress and the can be applied by everyone.So i decided to make my own investigation, and i must admit i had big issue with those trading strategies, they all show proofs of earning, have got "happy" customers statments even with their happy faces, but on the other hand i never heard that someone made money trading bought strategy. Not to mention they do not even know what leverage, long or short position is.There also happens sellers who know what forex is, proboably traded for some years but there are no proofs they made money, or that they strategies are succesfull.Finally there are few gems i can recommend, i contacted their authors and belive buying this books will be a good investment.Bird Watching in Lion CountryGuide to Profitable Forex Day TradingForex Trading StrategiesIf you have any experiences with any of this strategies please comment my post or write to me, it will be interesting for us all.
in increase banks & Foreign exposure forex gilts

This accounts for nearly 40% of the total daily g-secs deals , which is much higher than the earlier period. However, given the 50 basis points rise in reverse repo rates in the last six months, purchase of securities through reverse repo auction has proved to be a costlier route. In the first week of the current month, foreign banks have bought g-secs worth nearly Rs 1,000 crore on a daily basis. In April, their share was still lower at 24%.The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) permits foreign banks to classify government securities purchased under the reverse repo auction as part of the statutory liquidity requirements (SLR) exposure of the bank. According to Clearing Corporation of India Ltd (CCIL), the share of foreign banks in total g-secs' purchases was only 28% in May. As a result, foreign banks prefer outright purchase of g-sec through the secondary market. With the ongoing volatility in domestic interest rates as well as in the Sensex movement, foreign banks, whose numbers may be small, have suddenly emerged as the leading players in both the segments - gilts and forex - in the money market. Further, given the prevailing high volatility in the domestic equity markets, many foreign banks have pared their exposure in equities and increased that in the government securities.Read more here.
Technologies recommends (India) 260% Financial dividend

Financial Technologies (India) (FTIL), headquartered in India and listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, is India`s leading vertical specialist enterprise delivering mission-critical, straight through processing solutions comprising domain expertise, technology licensing and development & transaction outsourcing services.Read more here. During the year the company has paid interim dividend of 40% and accordingly, total dividend for the year aggregates to 300%.The decision was taken by the board of directors of the company at its meeting held on June 17, 2006. Financial Technologies India has recommended a final dividend of 260% for the year.
Preview Trading Forex Japanese

Traders are in store for a slower week in the way of US economic reports, with the following slated for release; May housing starts, building permits, weekly jobless claims, May leading indicators and May durable goods orders. Returning to the fore is uncertainty from Asia, with North Korea completing fuelling of missiles with a range to reach the US.Read more here. The dollar starts the week softer against the euro, sterling and Swiss franc, but firmer versus the yen.
2 offers RefcoFX spreads wide to clients Forex FX

Refco FX, a subsidiary of Refco Group, has finally fallen to its parent company’s financial troubles and has been forced to suspend all trading.Refco Group experienced a massive devaluation earlier this year as a result of its CEO, Phillip R. Refco FX, one of the largest firms in the Forex industry, has recently announced it’s filing for bankruptcy protection. Refco FX was initially unaffected by the scandal, but has recently announced its inability to proceed.Read more here. Bennet, being accused of a scheme to falsely inflate the company’s stock price through improper accounting practices.
on 6-week FOREX-Dollar high core data inflation hits US

NEW YORK, June 13 (Reuters) - The dollar on Tuesday hit six-week highs against the euro and the yen after a higher-than-expected reading of core U.S. "That's supporting the dollar."Read more here. inflation heightened expectations for more Federal Reserve interest rate increases. Interest rate futures markets pushed up the chances of a quarter percentage point rate increase in the federal funds rate at the end of June, and some analysts are now suggesting the Fed may not stop there. "Topping out in the fed funds rate is not quite clear and no one is concluding that it is one more move and we're done," Alex Beuzelin, foreign exchange market analyst with Ruesch International in Washington, said.
Online Join Trading Revolution! the

In an industry that neverstays still, will keep visitors up-to date on all the latest advances, as well as providing all the information a person could ever require to become a successful trader on the worlds largest exchange.Read more here. Foreign exchange is a frenetic, fast-paced trading platform, which routinely trades over $1.5 trillion in a single day. Foreign exchange is a frenetic, fast-paced trading platform, which routinely trades over $1.5 trillion in a single day. /24-7PressRelease/ - ODESSA, ON, CANADA, June 15, 2006 -- Forex is the largest trading exchange in the world. With trading tools, analysis and all the plausible data at users' fingertips, trading on the Forex market has never been simpler.But in a market overflowing with potential but still rife with danger, new and experienced traders alike need a resource to hone skills and understand exactly what is happening in the industry today. With its unique style of instantaneous transactions, 24 hour trading and 0% commission on exchanges, Forex has become the largest and most lucrative trading platform in the world today.In an industry built around perpetual motion, Forex has embraced the developments on the Internet to allow online brokerages and individual traders to make a market impact. Forex is the largest trading exchange in the world. provides all of the solutions that will get any person on the right road for trading success.With advice, jargon busting and basic foreign exchange strategies, is a one-stop shop for any aspiring trader.
Cape Yo Codderz

How's the winter going? What are y'all doing to pass the time? It's actually really cold here in Louisville these days (14 degrees today), but the winters here are way shorter. The locals say it starts getting warm in March. Is everyone going crazy yet on the Cod?
Pizza in Orleans Best

Okay, now: Papa Gino's makes a fine pie, and its a pie you miss when you're out of town for awhile. Stella makes excellent gourmet pizza. But for me, Villa is still the best. Leave Cape Cod for awhile, come back, get a pie from Villa. Its awesome. The long reigning king of Orleans pizza: VILLA!
Massachusetts Vocab

Its funny that alot of these words aren't common in other areas. Ya get used to em.

barrel or rubbish barrel — 'wastebasket'
bubbler or water bubbler — 'drinking fountain'
carriage — 'shopping cart'
cleansers — 'cleaners (mostly on signage)'
clicker — 'television remote control'
coffee regular — 'coffee with milk (or cream) and usually two spoonsful of sugar'
dooryard - the front yard or driveway area
donut: chocolate frosted — 'a raised donut with chocolate frosting'
donut: chocolate glazed — 'a chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting'
down cellar — 'in the basement'
dungarees — 'blue jeans' (primarily older speakers)
elastic — 'rubber band'
frappe — 'milkshake made with ice cream'[1]
fudgicle — as opposed to 'fudgesicle' with an s
grinder — 'submarine sandwich'
-hey - used to end statements and or questions, associated with the city of Gardner, Mass. (01440), e.g., "I just moved to Leminstah but I'm originally from Gahdnah-hey."
into town — 'into Boston' (contrast to New Yorkers' use of "the City")
The Hub — 'another name for Boston, as in the Hub of the Universe'
Jimmies — a variety of candy 'sprinkle', typically used on ice cream; often chocolate, almost always bar-shaped
johnny — a medical gown worn by patients for examinations
packie — 'liquor store', short for "package store"
rotary — 'traffic circle or roundabout'
spa — 'convenience store' (originally, it meant a store with a soda fountain)
spuckey — 'submarine sandwich,' older speakers in South Boston
spar — 'to play fight', used by teen males; pronounced with the Boston accent, it sounds like 'spa'
time — 'a party', e.g., "My buddy's having a time over at his place."
tonic — 'carbonated soda,' older speakers.
townies — A native of Charlestown, Massachusetts. A Tufts or Harvard student might refer to locals as such, much to the dismay of the locals.
trash — refuse that is not garbage
triple decker — 'a three-story, three-family home with one unit built on top of the other, normally with a flat roof'
wicked — 'very'; alternatively, 'wicked' may also indicate approval or become a universal descriptor, e.g., "That chowdah was wicked good."
Cape Coddas Hey

This is Mike Gibbons, Cape Cod local, currently living in Louisville, KY. I'm an administrator for this website. Get on and post your music and art, its free and easy! Get on this blog, post some stuff. Try to refrain from swearin' and barin' (as in barin' naked.)
at the Casuals Incredible Coast?!

Saturday, February 10th- - the Incredible Casuals at the Coast (corner of Rt. 6A and Rt. 28, Orleans, MA., 508 240 1112), 10-ish.
Umm, how will the Casuals fit in that place?! Either way, the Casuals are always a great time, so go and check it on ouuuuuuuuut!
teacher looking voice

I am a professional singer and voice teacher with 21 years of experience.I am looking to set up a voice studio on the Cape in the Orleans area. I am will to rent a space to teach from ,and would like to start with one day per week.Anyone out ther that might be able to help would be greatly appreciated..You may write me at JhnCott@ Thank you

I just love the Cape of Cod!! My partner and I are not necessarily big "cod chompers", but the "vast" array (if you know what I mean) of seafood available on the island gave the both of us a great big goose on our Eastern Odyssey this May. This is no bay city, but great arts/crafts just the same. And antique shoppes!! Oh Feathers, they're just divine!!
My "fling" with the Cape of Cod will always be close to my heart
Cape Golf? Cod

There seem to be a lot of good reasons to visit Cape Coe, but I haven't heard golf mentioned yet.

Any golfing for the "ordinary guy or gal" in Cape Cod? I have no desire to golf with the greats or the supposedly rich and famous. Are there any Cape Cod golf courses where an average Joe can get in a game without dropping a week's or month's wages? My girlfriend and I would like to come to Cape Cod for the lobster, beach, etc.
But, we are both avid golfers.
Lunch in Hyannis! Best

Give them a call when you are in town at 775-0298 and dig into one of the best lobster rolls on the Cape.

Lunch is from 11:30 – 1:30. The ladies prepare about 90 lobsters rolls each week and they go fast! Heads Up!

Here’s the best deal on
Cape Cod
for a delicious lobster lunch. Call ahead for take-outs. The Lobster Ladies at the Federated Church of Hyannis serve up fantastic over-stuffed lobster rolls, tuna, egg salad, hot dogs with chips and dessert every Friday from June 30th through November 1st.
trend reversal Forex Detecting on

We want to know if this particular level will be broken or not. Let’s pretend we have reverse candle near support, is it time to buy some lots? Again the answer is NO. I put it about 100 – 200 pips below my order depending on situation. I mean if important trend line is broken and price move fast in opposite direction (eg. … No, the really important candles are those which can be found near support and resistance levels. Japanese always traded reversal strategies, European and US traders are almost always trend following traders. If you don’t know how to interpret forex candles then do a search on web and find some info, reading correctly candles is easy and you have to know it. Indicators designed to predict trend reversal are … candles. 100 pips) then there is really no point in holding this position any longer, trend wasn’t reversed. Well, I hope this helps some of you, but if you are going to use this techniques then keep in mind they apply to longer timeframes! Trend reversal candles can happen anywhere on the chart, will they always mean end of the trend? Although keep in mind I do not recommend using them on charts smaller then 4H. Of course … relying only on Japanese techniques can be quiet deceptive so we need something more reliable, we need to have an angel. You can’t predict it with MACD or RSI because they are trend following indicators. Take your time, the next candle should be white which is confirmation that trend was reversed, there can also be consolidation period near resistance level, which is usually another sign that trend is reversing, in this case I would put long order at the resistance of consolidation block. Where to put stop loss? I use it with 1D charts, if you will use it with 15M chart you are going to blow yourself out. I know that: "How to detect trend reversal?" maybe a thought question with very complex answer but I will try to make my take on it, and keep it very simple and understandable. So let’s get started, obviously when trying to detect trend reversal on Forex you have to use tools that were designed for it.
Completely Forex trading!!! free 100$ for

Not exactly.First of all, i took a look at them and here is what i found:- Their charting sucks, you can't do intraday trading it is just impossible.- Their support staff can't speak english fluently - not very professional as for real company.- It looks like they like ... This is something you do not want to miss, gives 100$ to everyone who opens live trading account with them. You thought 5$ from Marketiva was great? Start trading.Enjoy. Go to and signup for live account, remember to use your promo code which should be sent to your email address if you correctly completed point 1.3. Then how you can call this? Go to and get a pin code.2. Awesome? no they love the game of stop loss hunting - not good also.- You cannot withdraw free cash, but you can withdraw money you earned, similar to marketiva systemMy opinion Russian scams.However if you are swing trading, and use other software for charting then software then you can try them out, they require only one document with a photo to open an account so it is pretty simple.So if you would like to take advantage of this free 100$, which they will give, this was double checked by my friend who signed up for their real account here is what you need to do.1.
video? trading Forex

Lately i was thinking that there is nothing better then one on one live training, you can ask your mentor questions, he will tell you what you are doing wrong and so on.However over the internet it is almost impossible to emulate live training session, so i was thinking. Video will be somewhat like live training.But i don't know, i would like to hear your opinions on this one? I was thinking about some sort of 5 minutes instuction on how to use trendlines, how to use Andy Pitchforks.I am not sure but i think that sometimes it is hard to understand method or indicator, just be reading article and seeing a picture. Maybe it would be good to record video and show it online.
to on Forex make entry point How perfect

Don’t get me wrong on this one it is not that you need to change it, but you need to focus more on last candles, you are to concentrated on overall picture.Anyway if you find yourself doing such trades then do not worry, this is easy to handle I had the same issue when I started trading. Let’s break it down. First of all your chart interpretations are ok. Sure you will loose some pips by getting late in to trend, but trust me there is no better point of entering the trade. But what is the trend reversal confirmation? Basically it is when you have more evidences that trend is reversed I won’t talk more about it now because this is covered in my other article, besides you probably have some techniques to determine trend reversal on Forex. The source of this problem is you are probably using to big timeframe. You make good trades but to early. So next time try this simple strategy. After selection of new trade, find smaller trend in opposite direction and wait for reversal, when you will be sure that smaller trend is reversed make your trade. If you find out that you make trades to early and before price starts moving in your direction the stop loss is already hit.
Awarded! Blog ProForex

Here is the permalink to the site that awarded my blog www.forexreader.comMy blog is placed as number 12 i think it is reasonable position as it wasn't often updated besides blogs that higher then i am, are the ones that i have learned from, so i advice you to check them out.What else can i say? I will soon write very interesting article on entering and exiting trades. More over i will try to show you how to detect patterns on charts and translate thse patterns into ExpertAdvisor code.I was also thinking of buying domain and placing there my best articles, it would be good to have those articles available within a click of a mouse, don't you think? I have got new trading strategy that produces steady results for USD/JPY it will be also published soon.I will also write some articles on Automated Trading with MetaTrader, i will mainly focus on script and ExpertAdvisors, because as you already know i do not really use indicators. This award motivated me to continue this blog with even more interesting forex informations. I am happy to announce you that my blog was chosen as one of the top 25 forex blogs on the net!
update Marketiva platform

Well they updated their platform few months ago, but i didn't wrote about, mainly because i doubt anyone is using marketiva for charting. But in my Marketiva review i wrote their trading platform lacks functionality such as trendlines, support, resistance lines, fibonacci retracement, etc.So now they have all of mentioned above tools, although i still do not like their interface which is not user friendly, but this is only my opinion, some of you will probably do not agree with this.If you would like to read my last marketiva review then here is the link.
bad? good Marketiva, or

Well you have to decide by yourself do you have enough information about them, do you think your money will be safe with them and remember that there are at least 2 brokers (besides Marketiva) that allow to trade less then 1 mini lot.Click here to visit Marketiva. Proboably everyone heard about Marketiva, the most controversive Forex broker, forum threads about it are like soap opera, but they are not giving any info on this broker, they are just arguments and flame wars, so i decided to put hear my objective review on them.First of all trading is real business, where big money are made and big money are lost, so when my cash is at risk i would like at least to know who is holding them, Marketiva gives us only their team happy faces (which i couldn't actually find by now so they may be gone) and their first names, needless to say i expectet something more from company holding huge amounts of cash.You can ofcourse try to contact Marketiva team via their website and ther is another surprise, no contact information, no postal address, no telephones, no fax, no nothing only contact form which is used on personal websites and shouldn't be used by professional company IF it is registred company, i am not sure about that, but i am sure they are not registred in any broker organization.Marketiva claims to be fully automated company working on the internet, so this may be the reason why they do not give any contact info but that is a poor explenation in my opinion.I also checked their domain name there is everything ok, domain registred for a long time so they are proboably here to stay, but domain costs only 10$ a year. Charting software has got a lot of indicators but do not allows to draw on charts (trndlines and Fibonacci).When we are talking about trading it is important to tell that they allow to trade for as small as 1$, this is the biggest adventage over other brokers.They accept deposits via e-gold (also bank wirehard and e-bullion but this is off interest to me right now) it is hard to tell if it is good, first of all money transfered via e-gold can be laundred, but many users like to pay by e-gold it is very popular and cheap no commissions. Also Marketiva takes only 8$ commision from withdrawals by e-gold most brokers have at least 20$ (by bank wire and it is actually bank commission but i don't care commission is a commission)My conclusion is if you have more then 500$ to trade forget about Marketiva there are better brokers, but if you want to start trading or learning how to trade and have small amount of cas between 10$ and 100$ Marketiva is best for you. What about those with money between 100$ and 500$? Well there isn't much more i can say about their domain and hosting everything looks good, there are even some contact information but i didn't checked them out.There also seems to be a problem with Marketiva support, some people where complaining about it, but i never had a problem with support and this is natural that there always will be someone who is complaining, but keep in mind i am not saying thoose who were/are complaining aren't right it is just impossible to prove who is right.Now most important part, their treading platform, i have to admit it looks nice, it has many "tabs" which can be drag and droped anywhere you like, charts look fine, fast access to account center, help, chat, alerts and signals, and unfortunetly this are all pros.Open positions behave funny, i won't tell you what i exactly mean you have to see it by yourself, OpenPositionPrice-CurrentPrice rearly seems to match.
Watch EA scams!!! out for

Do not buy just because advertisment looks good!Well this is second forex bad news this week, so i guess coming days can be only better . Recently i found forum post at ForexFactory, where author talked about some scammer selling MetaTrader expert advisor, unfortunetly i can't find this post now to give you permament link so i will just tell you what i know about the case.First of all this "Expert Advisor" costs 25 000$ (a lot of cash) but from what i have heared it isn't worth even 25 cents. So if you recive such offer by spam or something it is best just to ignore it.Ofcourse if you find offer interesting then you may want to buy it, in this case it is best to do your own due dilligence, search forums, ask questions etc.
Stop using HedgeHog!

I have a quite sad news for you, i backtested both hedgehog strategies with MetaTrader which i described earlier and results are not as good as i thought.More over using HedgeHog you cannot even breakeven it is a fast way to loose all your money. It is interesting because when i backtested it with spreadsheet results where quite good, and i used the worst case scenerio because i was backtesting this strategy on daily bars, so modeling quality was quite low.Although HedgeHog seemed to be simple and effective strategy, without a big drawdown, so everything should be ok but ... well it isn't.If you want to try to trade this strategy anyway, then you better try it on demo first and do not use big lots.
Forex success easy

I also realized that effortless success is worthless success. Don't make the same mistake i made, try to learn from all your trades. So like i said he borrowed cash and started trading. It's an article about a guy who made millions from stock market, but often it can be short sentence like "You can make easily 200$ a day by trading forex market".I am not saying that making big cash on forex is impossible, i am merely saying that road to success is not as easy as it looks like. I thought i was already good at trading, but i didn't started to trade real money because i remembered the old rule: you need at least two years to get good at it, and that was a great decision because next months brought me nothing but loses.Despite i made a lot of (virtual) cash i didn't learned a thing, i was just enjoying my profitable trades and thought to myself how good i am at this. After few good trades people tend to think: hey i know this stuff, and they start to bet big bucks and what they bet on is nothing more then luck.Some time ago i knew a guy who took 10 000$ loan from bank to trade on forex, when i first met him he had only 4 000$ left. It may be good in a short run but in the long run, the problem is no one ever learned from easy success. When i started trading, i had two months in a row when i made about +20% on my capital every single month. Think about:- why you made a trade- what market did - what you should do next time when similar event will occur.I keep all my positions open for at least few days, so it is not a problem for me to remember them, but if your trading style requires you to make several trades a day then you should start a journal, you may think they are for 13 year old girls but they are not, all highly successful people write and update their journals. I am just saying you should be prepared for it, trade for at least six months on demo account, then when you will get comfortable with trading demo, start trading real cash with oanda, marketiva or fxsol. You have to make a lot of trades loose cash (better to start with virtual money), learn from your trades, analyze them, search for patterns on charts and develop your own style which will feet you, not your need of money.The most successful forex traders i know are not the ones who made money very fast, but those who lost their deposits twice before they started to make money month by month and yes it took them about two years to get there.But again don't get me wrong on this, you don't have to lost 20 000$ to start making money. He told me then that he read an article on internet about a man who made millions on stock market and he thought that trading is a fast and effective way of making money. Alternatively you may try starting a blog it is free and you can share with other traders your ideas, thoughts and what you are doing. People are generally nice and will be happy to help you with trading. After just two months he lost 4 000$, so he decided to buy automatic system ("magic pill") which will trade for him. This are brokers who will let you trade with small amount of units this also means small deposit, as low as one for oanda and marketiva When he finally decided to turn off automatic trader, he was already down additional 2 000$ and of course profits that this robot made were also gone.When you first look at this story it seems there is no "easy success" embedded, but i assure you there is. First month of robot trading was great, he recovered some cash and everything was going straight, but the disaster was still to come, suddenly out of nowhere robot started losing, poor guy didn't knew why and what to do with it, because he bought this robot and let it work, without looking into sophisticated algorithm robot was built of, the only thing he knew was: robot is losing.
HelloMetro Features

Also please be sure to have a look at the Attractions and Restaurant tabs to find the best spots for eating and recreation in a given city. If you've been to some of these places then by all means go ahead and rate them yourselves.Finally, pop into the Blog and Chat pages to see what people in your community and around the world are talking about.I hope to hear back from some of you with some feedback on our site and what we can do to better serve you!
One great feature of our calendars is the ability for the user to instantly add events to them.

Greetings HelloMetro users,I'd like to mention some of the cool features on the HelloMetro websites that you can use to get the most out of the experience. Our goal is to build an online community and connect people with other people and places that may be of interest to them.First, check out the Events calendars to see what's going on in your community or in a place that you are interested in visiting.
Mashpee Bigfoot Sighting in

The garden center is now the entrance to a small housing development. The incident occured at 2:00am-3:00am. They described their reaction to seeing the creature as extreme shock, and they drove off at high speed.

151 in the town of Mashpee, Mass. (now defunct) observed a tall dark hair covered bipedal creature with a black dog at the entrance to Lowdens Garden Center on Rte.

In the Fall of 1980 or 1981 two coworkers at Niel Brown Instrument Systems in Cataumet, Mass. Both witnesses were extremely sincere about what they had seen.
Sighting UFO

When this “UFO” appeared I noticed several things that would be unusual if in fact, it was a plane. Living near this airport all my life, I recognize the sound that any plane or helicopter makes. I live about a ¼ mile away from an airport. I was walking my dog at about 8 pm, and just over the trees I noticed a triangular form of flashing white lights fly from south to north. This craft had no colored lights. It is a small municipal airport, with a 3001 x 150 ft runway. There are no air traffic controllers and most of the planes that use it are Cessna 172 Skyhawks. As I recall it flew at a considerably slower speed than an airplane at that altitude.
It lasted maybe 20 seconds, and I watched it until it was out of sight, but heard no airplanes in the vicinity.
This craft made none. Typically the planes using this field have a red/white strobe on the left wing, a green/white strobe on the right wing, and a red beacon on the tail or the underside of the fuselage, plus a landing light at the front. The third, and most strange thing about it, was that even though it was low over the trees, it made no sound at all.

At the time I was about 12 years old, and while I’m unsure of the exact year, I do remember it was April Fool’s Day around 1999 or 2000, because I called my mom at work and tried to convince her I was not joking. One, it WAS flying in the air traffic pattern south to north, but on the west side of the airport, meaning if it was landing, it would be on a right approach, when all other aircraft here use a left approach. Not so much as a buzzing. Two, while I could see no definite form, it had three white flashing lights in triangular form. A patch of woods and an abandoned railroad bed separate the airport from my house. My entire life I have lived in earshot of this airport. Furthermore, the lights were not strobes, but random flashing.
weather? Hows the

Its like 65 and sunny in Louisville today and has been for the past few days? How's the weather on the Cape?
Cod and ever place worst the is best Cape

Cape Cod is the greatest place in the world, easily. It is also the worst place in the world because it is really hard to live there if you are a native young person. Astronomical real estate prices and a seasonal economy makes for broke, barren, lonesome winters. Cape Cod is a lonely place in the winter, ask anyone. As recently as the mid 90s, it seemed that a person in their 20s could get along on Cape Cod without being extravagantly rich. You work your butt off in the summer, save a little and get a cheap winter rental and live off your savings in the winter. This lifestyle seems to be a thing of the past as even winter rentals on the Cape are extremely pricey. Now, I'm not whining, I just think the dichotomy of Cape Cod is a very interesting thing. It is a place that changes its personality with every change of the season. The best people in the world live on Cape Cod, and I'm proud as hell to call it my home. I guess I gotta make it rich somehow and move back there later in life. Salud, Mike G in Louisville.
Cod Haunted Cape

She has interacted with children and told them she was looking for her father. The house is fairly well known as an "Occupied" residence. In the early morning hours one winter, a person reported seeing a number of people in the parking lot dragging a case about the size of a refrigerator. Nantucket - Wauwinet Hotel - Rumored to be built on top of an Indian burial ground, there are lights that will turn on by themselves, the sound of running water in the lobby where there are no pipes or toilets, and footsteps. It is occupied by a spirit, who it is thought is named Roberta. Nantucket - Unitarian Church - The town's clock tower is reportedly haunted by it's first pastor.

Brewster - The Captain Freeman Perry House- (Now an antiques shop, but formerly a boarding house) on Route 6a on Cape Cod. The police left, the men reappeared and managed to get the box inside. Nantucket - Main St - near the steamship, theirs feeling that something pushes you to the water. The next morning the woman tried to start her car only to find that the battery had gone dead. Nantucket - Old North Cemetery - The second oldest cemetery on the island it is haunted by a small child named Mary Abby. In the early 80's, the town cleared away some brush around the perimeter of the graveyard and did uncover a small headstone for a 3 year old girl named Mary Abby. The police were dispatched again and again they disappeared when the light hit them. People have seen blood marks on the front step.

Barnstable Inn - Drinks get knocked over by an unseen force and doors slam.

The Chicken Box - A former chicken coop that was used as a speakeasy during prohibition and is now a popular bar and nightspot. There is a portrait of him in Hendrix Hall (the basement) that watches you from all spots in the room. Children are scolded by him for being too loud, and can also see him when adults standing nearby can't. After the police left, the men returned and dragged the box closer to the bar. Nantucket - Coffin House - An elderly man sits in a rocking chair by the fire place. The people came to see the house a second time and there lights made a face in the window. The person who had reported them before saw one in her car. Brewster - The Crosby Mansion - The Crosby Mansion has only been seen by a few people, the people have said that the house has no electricity and that lights were flickering when nobody was there. The police were dispatched, but as their headlamps and spotlights passed over the people, they disappeared. His disembodied hand has been seen in windows waving goodbye to visitors as they leave. There is the ghost of a woman that can only be seen out of the corner of the eye and exudes a scent of gardenias or roses.
Best Web Hosts?

Anyone that’s been in the web site building game for any amount of time has accumulated a list of web hosting companies that rock … and a list of web hosting companies that are 180 degrees in the other direction. Whether you use cheap virtual web hosts or heavy-duty dedicated servers, you’re bound to have favorites … it’s time to share, my friends … is my personal favorite. They’re inexpensive (starting at just three bucks a month!) and when I’ve needed help with things, they’ve been both friendly and fast … perfect for the small websites that I often build for friends and fun.
Lets open it up to the Gnomieverse …

What’s at the top of your list of criteria to look for in a web host?
Who are your favorite web hosts?
What’s the most you want to pay to have your website hosted on a monthly or yearly basis?

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Trading Forex Virtual

The promise of 24-hour support by phone or live chat was ever so enticing.
I wanted to plug my info into the form and click the GET STARTED button.’s ad beckoned “TRADE TRADE TRADE MOOOOONEY,” with a Yen symbol for the Y. Have you ever wanted to try your hand at Forex trading, but have been afraid to ask? “Get Into Currency Trading,” read the headline. Could it be time to get hooked on something new?
There I was this afternoon, unwittingly reading a article. Forex seems so mysterious, so alien … yes, even foreign … what if I pushed the wrong button and started trading real funds?
I would love to have the chance to “practice Forex trading under real market conditions, absolutely free.” Even better, with “no risk, no obligation.”
Alas, the squeeze page was left unsqueezed (or perhaps unsquozen, if you prefer the incorrect past tense). With the US Government’s crackdown on Internet gambling, this just might be the biggest money game in town. I just couldn’t cough up my info without learning more about the process.

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But I had a tinge of fear. “Start trading currencies now.” A big pillowed LEARN HOW button called to me like a siren.
The landing page was simple. “The only thing that’s not real is the money in your account,” said the knockout type that floated over the photograph of foreign currency.
This sounded too good to be true.
Oh how I longed to take advantage of the $50,000 in virtual funds, real-time quotes and charts. I salivated over the thought of easy-to-use trading tools, daily research and trade ideas. is offering a deal for folks to “Experience the exciting world of currency trading with a FREE practice account.” Forget about your online poker addiction, my friends.
Home Contest Brewing

Know someone that’s into home brewing? on Tuesday, May 1, 2007. is a kiss of death, as well.)
Ladies and Gentlemen … start your fermentation!
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Winning home brews will take home a one-time royalty of $5,000 and bragging rights for life. Here’s the chance to turn that homebrew hobby into national fame (if not fortune).
The Boston Beer Company, will take the recipe and reproduce, as faithful as possible to the original recipe, on a professional scale with the help of the homebrewer. If the product is brought to market and made available to American beer drinkers, the homebrewer will receive a one time royalty of $5000.00.
Entries will be accepted between Sunday, April 15, 2007 and 5:00 p.m. The Sam Adams Brewery is running its 2007 Long Shot American Homebrew Contest. But don’t even think about using the US Postal Service to deliver your bottles of home brew.
Light - Compact Lifespan Bulbs Fluorescent

How long do compact fluorescent light bulbs last? Identical Sylvania Soft White mini 60 compact fluorescent bulbs were simultaneously installed in both fixtures. This in turn, is supposed to be eclipsed by the longer lifespan. After having been on the compact fluorescent bandwagon for years, it’s clear that some compact fluorescent light bulbs last far longer than others. The bulbs ran flawlessly for months on end, but one bulb burned out far before the other. It all depends who you ask. That’s not always the case, unfortunately.
Sylvania Soft White mini 60 compact fluorescent bulbs have become a mainstay here at Ranchero Indebto, largely due to their ever presence at the local big box home improvement store. The packaging boasts that “This 3 bulb package provides 21 years of light,” and that each bulb “Lasts 7 Years.” Alas, experience has shown their longevity to have been overstated in some cases.
There’s a hallway here at Ranchero Indebto with a pair of recessed lights that are controlled via a single lightswitch. The fantastic energy cost savings (roughly 75%) are offset by the bulbs’ higher cost. Apparently the big brands back up their marketing claims and will make good … it pays to keep the paperwork and the packaging.

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Both bulbs came form the same package - one that boasted a life of 8000 hours - alas, we were nowhere near 8000 hours.
A while back, Gnomie Stan offered the sage advice to write the date of installation on the base of the bulb (before installation, of course).
Champions Soccer League in HD!

Real Madrid game at 5:00 PM EST on Wednesday in standard definition.
And don’t forget to check out, the coolest TV listing site on the web …

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Why is this worthy of a mention? This is why you bought that big screen TV, my friends … to see things you’ve never seen before …
Tuesday’s game between Barcelona and Liverpool pits the winners of the last two European championships in a do or die showdown at Anfield. ESPN2 will broadcast the games at 2:30 PM EST.
Can’t get enough Champions League soccer? ESPN2 is broadcasting a pair of UEFA Champions League Round of 16, 2nd leg soccer matches in high-definition this week. Because most Americans have never seen soccer with this beauty and intensity, certainly not in HD. Porto game at 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday and the Bayern Munich vs. Wednesday’s game between Lille and Manchester United at Old Trafford promises to be filled with drama. There’s no comparison. ESPNCL will broadcast the Chelsea vs.
Do as Stores? Abound CompUSA Bargains Closes

As with most fire sales, the discounts with this one will likely ramp up as the days click along.
What about it, my fellow Gnomies … found any great deals?

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Bargain Shopping Help

Here’s a list of stores that CompUSA is closing.
There were poor souls holding up 20% Off CompUSA Store Liquidation signs near the highway and street corners surrounding our local CompUSA store this weekend. You missed the news that CompUSA is closing down stores left and right? What’s that? Blame it on Best Buy. Or you could just lay the blame on lame. I didn’t get to stop in to check out the scene, but online reports have run hot and cold. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, CompUSA is closing more than half their stores. There have been some bargains, but many folks remain unimpressed with the pricing, so far. Blame it on economic realities.
Hold Music Contest!

My fave Vermont-based brewery is holding a “Solid Gold on Hold” contest with a $1,000 grand prize shopping spree at Small Dog Electronics. Oh, I sure do miss that Humble Patience red … I could never get enough of that.
All you need is three chords …

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Moving Image Contest - 2004
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N.Y. Death to mundane muzak. (There’s an odd rule about Hawaii and California … go figure … those bros and wahines might be out of luck.)
The winning hold music maestro gets the shopping spree. Board to Hold E-Mail Spam Contest
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to Learning Guitar Play

My hands were far too small, I had no patience, and there was no Internet to help me find my way. After he belted out “Smoke on the Water” for the 1500th time, I finally picked up the guitar and set out to learn a few riffs of my own.
Now I still can’t read a conventional sheet of music to save my life, but I have no problem reading an enthusiast’s interpretive guitar tab. I’m trying to build my repertoire up so that when I’m cast out on the street, I’ll have learned enough songs on ye old axe to keep my tip cup filled up …

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He got a beginner’s Fender Stratocaster a couple years back for his birthday. Thank the stars my hands are large enough, that I’ve found the patience, and that I have a broadband connection.
So what got me started back on the guitar kick?
Blame it all on my son. It was a miserable experience. I tried to learn how to play the guitar back when I was a kid. The music industry might not like guitar tabs, but they have been a boon for me. Flash forward a few decades and I’m learning how to play the guitar, once again. It took a while to finally set him up with a guitar instructor, but he’s been improving ever since. I need to see the chords in character form and the diagrams are a huge help.
Learning how to play the guitar is more than therapeutic.