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Cape Yo Codderz

How's the winter going? What are y'all doing to pass the time? It's actually really cold here in Louisville these days (14 degrees today), but the winters here are way shorter. The locals say it starts getting warm in March. Is everyone going crazy yet on the Cod?
Pizza in Orleans Best

Okay, now: Papa Gino's makes a fine pie, and its a pie you miss when you're out of town for awhile. Stella makes excellent gourmet pizza. But for me, Villa is still the best. Leave Cape Cod for awhile, come back, get a pie from Villa. Its awesome. The long reigning king of Orleans pizza: VILLA!
Massachusetts Vocab

Its funny that alot of these words aren't common in other areas. Ya get used to em.

barrel or rubbish barrel — 'wastebasket'
bubbler or water bubbler — 'drinking fountain'
carriage — 'shopping cart'
cleansers — 'cleaners (mostly on signage)'
clicker — 'television remote control'
coffee regular — 'coffee with milk (or cream) and usually two spoonsful of sugar'
dooryard - the front yard or driveway area
donut: chocolate frosted — 'a raised donut with chocolate frosting'
donut: chocolate glazed — 'a chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting'
down cellar — 'in the basement'
dungarees — 'blue jeans' (primarily older speakers)
elastic — 'rubber band'
frappe — 'milkshake made with ice cream'[1]
fudgicle — as opposed to 'fudgesicle' with an s
grinder — 'submarine sandwich'
-hey - used to end statements and or questions, associated with the city of Gardner, Mass. (01440), e.g., "I just moved to Leminstah but I'm originally from Gahdnah-hey."
into town — 'into Boston' (contrast to New Yorkers' use of "the City")
The Hub — 'another name for Boston, as in the Hub of the Universe'
Jimmies — a variety of candy 'sprinkle', typically used on ice cream; often chocolate, almost always bar-shaped
johnny — a medical gown worn by patients for examinations
packie — 'liquor store', short for "package store"
rotary — 'traffic circle or roundabout'
spa — 'convenience store' (originally, it meant a store with a soda fountain)
spuckey — 'submarine sandwich,' older speakers in South Boston
spar — 'to play fight', used by teen males; pronounced with the Boston accent, it sounds like 'spa'
time — 'a party', e.g., "My buddy's having a time over at his place."
tonic — 'carbonated soda,' older speakers.
townies — A native of Charlestown, Massachusetts. A Tufts or Harvard student might refer to locals as such, much to the dismay of the locals.
trash — refuse that is not garbage
triple decker — 'a three-story, three-family home with one unit built on top of the other, normally with a flat roof'
wicked — 'very'; alternatively, 'wicked' may also indicate approval or become a universal descriptor, e.g., "That chowdah was wicked good."
Cape Coddas Hey

This is Mike Gibbons, Cape Cod local, currently living in Louisville, KY. I'm an administrator for this website. Get on and post your music and art, its free and easy! Get on this blog, post some stuff. Try to refrain from swearin' and barin' (as in barin' naked.)
at the Casuals Incredible Coast?!

Saturday, February 10th- - the Incredible Casuals at the Coast (corner of Rt. 6A and Rt. 28, Orleans, MA., 508 240 1112), 10-ish.
Umm, how will the Casuals fit in that place?! Either way, the Casuals are always a great time, so go and check it on ouuuuuuuuut!
teacher looking voice

I am a professional singer and voice teacher with 21 years of experience.I am looking to set up a voice studio on the Cape in the Orleans area. I am will to rent a space to teach from ,and would like to start with one day per week.Anyone out ther that might be able to help would be greatly appreciated..You may write me at JhnCott@ Thank you

I just love the Cape of Cod!! My partner and I are not necessarily big "cod chompers", but the "vast" array (if you know what I mean) of seafood available on the island gave the both of us a great big goose on our Eastern Odyssey this May. This is no bay city, but great arts/crafts just the same. And antique shoppes!! Oh Feathers, they're just divine!!
My "fling" with the Cape of Cod will always be close to my heart
Cape Golf? Cod

There seem to be a lot of good reasons to visit Cape Coe, but I haven't heard golf mentioned yet.

Any golfing for the "ordinary guy or gal" in Cape Cod? I have no desire to golf with the greats or the supposedly rich and famous. Are there any Cape Cod golf courses where an average Joe can get in a game without dropping a week's or month's wages? My girlfriend and I would like to come to Cape Cod for the lobster, beach, etc.
But, we are both avid golfers.
Lunch in Hyannis! Best

Give them a call when you are in town at 775-0298 and dig into one of the best lobster rolls on the Cape.

Lunch is from 11:30 – 1:30. The ladies prepare about 90 lobsters rolls each week and they go fast! Heads Up!

Here’s the best deal on
Cape Cod
for a delicious lobster lunch. Call ahead for take-outs. The Lobster Ladies at the Federated Church of Hyannis serve up fantastic over-stuffed lobster rolls, tuna, egg salad, hot dogs with chips and dessert every Friday from June 30th through November 1st.
trend reversal Forex Detecting on

We want to know if this particular level will be broken or not. Let’s pretend we have reverse candle near support, is it time to buy some lots? Again the answer is NO. I put it about 100 – 200 pips below my order depending on situation. I mean if important trend line is broken and price move fast in opposite direction (eg. … No, the really important candles are those which can be found near support and resistance levels. Japanese always traded reversal strategies, European and US traders are almost always trend following traders. If you don’t know how to interpret forex candles then do a search on web and find some info, reading correctly candles is easy and you have to know it. Indicators designed to predict trend reversal are … candles. 100 pips) then there is really no point in holding this position any longer, trend wasn’t reversed. Well, I hope this helps some of you, but if you are going to use this techniques then keep in mind they apply to longer timeframes! Trend reversal candles can happen anywhere on the chart, will they always mean end of the trend? Although keep in mind I do not recommend using them on charts smaller then 4H. Of course … relying only on Japanese techniques can be quiet deceptive so we need something more reliable, we need to have an angel. You can’t predict it with MACD or RSI because they are trend following indicators. Take your time, the next candle should be white which is confirmation that trend was reversed, there can also be consolidation period near resistance level, which is usually another sign that trend is reversing, in this case I would put long order at the resistance of consolidation block. Where to put stop loss? I use it with 1D charts, if you will use it with 15M chart you are going to blow yourself out. I know that: "How to detect trend reversal?" maybe a thought question with very complex answer but I will try to make my take on it, and keep it very simple and understandable. So let’s get started, obviously when trying to detect trend reversal on Forex you have to use tools that were designed for it.
Completely Forex trading!!! free 100$ for

Not exactly.First of all, i took a look at them and here is what i found:- Their charting sucks, you can't do intraday trading it is just impossible.- Their support staff can't speak english fluently - not very professional as for real company.- It looks like they like ... This is something you do not want to miss, gives 100$ to everyone who opens live trading account with them. You thought 5$ from Marketiva was great? Start trading.Enjoy. Go to and signup for live account, remember to use your promo code which should be sent to your email address if you correctly completed point 1.3. Then how you can call this? Go to and get a pin code.2. Awesome? no they love the game of stop loss hunting - not good also.- You cannot withdraw free cash, but you can withdraw money you earned, similar to marketiva systemMy opinion Russian scams.However if you are swing trading, and use other software for charting then software then you can try them out, they require only one document with a photo to open an account so it is pretty simple.So if you would like to take advantage of this free 100$, which they will give, this was double checked by my friend who signed up for their real account here is what you need to do.1.
video? trading Forex

Lately i was thinking that there is nothing better then one on one live training, you can ask your mentor questions, he will tell you what you are doing wrong and so on.However over the internet it is almost impossible to emulate live training session, so i was thinking. Video will be somewhat like live training.But i don't know, i would like to hear your opinions on this one? I was thinking about some sort of 5 minutes instuction on how to use trendlines, how to use Andy Pitchforks.I am not sure but i think that sometimes it is hard to understand method or indicator, just be reading article and seeing a picture. Maybe it would be good to record video and show it online.
to on Forex make entry point How perfect

Don’t get me wrong on this one it is not that you need to change it, but you need to focus more on last candles, you are to concentrated on overall picture.Anyway if you find yourself doing such trades then do not worry, this is easy to handle I had the same issue when I started trading. Let’s break it down. First of all your chart interpretations are ok. Sure you will loose some pips by getting late in to trend, but trust me there is no better point of entering the trade. But what is the trend reversal confirmation? Basically it is when you have more evidences that trend is reversed I won’t talk more about it now because this is covered in my other article, besides you probably have some techniques to determine trend reversal on Forex. The source of this problem is you are probably using to big timeframe. You make good trades but to early. So next time try this simple strategy. After selection of new trade, find smaller trend in opposite direction and wait for reversal, when you will be sure that smaller trend is reversed make your trade. If you find out that you make trades to early and before price starts moving in your direction the stop loss is already hit.
Awarded! Blog ProForex

Here is the permalink to the site that awarded my blog www.forexreader.comMy blog is placed as number 12 i think it is reasonable position as it wasn't often updated besides blogs that higher then i am, are the ones that i have learned from, so i advice you to check them out.What else can i say? I will soon write very interesting article on entering and exiting trades. More over i will try to show you how to detect patterns on charts and translate thse patterns into ExpertAdvisor code.I was also thinking of buying domain and placing there my best articles, it would be good to have those articles available within a click of a mouse, don't you think? I have got new trading strategy that produces steady results for USD/JPY it will be also published soon.I will also write some articles on Automated Trading with MetaTrader, i will mainly focus on script and ExpertAdvisors, because as you already know i do not really use indicators. This award motivated me to continue this blog with even more interesting forex informations. I am happy to announce you that my blog was chosen as one of the top 25 forex blogs on the net!
update Marketiva platform

Well they updated their platform few months ago, but i didn't wrote about, mainly because i doubt anyone is using marketiva for charting. But in my Marketiva review i wrote their trading platform lacks functionality such as trendlines, support, resistance lines, fibonacci retracement, etc.So now they have all of mentioned above tools, although i still do not like their interface which is not user friendly, but this is only my opinion, some of you will probably do not agree with this.If you would like to read my last marketiva review then here is the link.
bad? good Marketiva, or

Well you have to decide by yourself do you have enough information about them, do you think your money will be safe with them and remember that there are at least 2 brokers (besides Marketiva) that allow to trade less then 1 mini lot.Click here to visit Marketiva. Proboably everyone heard about Marketiva, the most controversive Forex broker, forum threads about it are like soap opera, but they are not giving any info on this broker, they are just arguments and flame wars, so i decided to put hear my objective review on them.First of all trading is real business, where big money are made and big money are lost, so when my cash is at risk i would like at least to know who is holding them, Marketiva gives us only their team happy faces (which i couldn't actually find by now so they may be gone) and their first names, needless to say i expectet something more from company holding huge amounts of cash.You can ofcourse try to contact Marketiva team via their website and ther is another surprise, no contact information, no postal address, no telephones, no fax, no nothing only contact form which is used on personal websites and shouldn't be used by professional company IF it is registred company, i am not sure about that, but i am sure they are not registred in any broker organization.Marketiva claims to be fully automated company working on the internet, so this may be the reason why they do not give any contact info but that is a poor explenation in my opinion.I also checked their domain name there is everything ok, domain registred for a long time so they are proboably here to stay, but domain costs only 10$ a year. Charting software has got a lot of indicators but do not allows to draw on charts (trndlines and Fibonacci).When we are talking about trading it is important to tell that they allow to trade for as small as 1$, this is the biggest adventage over other brokers.They accept deposits via e-gold (also bank wirehard and e-bullion but this is off interest to me right now) it is hard to tell if it is good, first of all money transfered via e-gold can be laundred, but many users like to pay by e-gold it is very popular and cheap no commissions. Also Marketiva takes only 8$ commision from withdrawals by e-gold most brokers have at least 20$ (by bank wire and it is actually bank commission but i don't care commission is a commission)My conclusion is if you have more then 500$ to trade forget about Marketiva there are better brokers, but if you want to start trading or learning how to trade and have small amount of cas between 10$ and 100$ Marketiva is best for you. What about those with money between 100$ and 500$? Well there isn't much more i can say about their domain and hosting everything looks good, there are even some contact information but i didn't checked them out.There also seems to be a problem with Marketiva support, some people where complaining about it, but i never had a problem with support and this is natural that there always will be someone who is complaining, but keep in mind i am not saying thoose who were/are complaining aren't right it is just impossible to prove who is right.Now most important part, their treading platform, i have to admit it looks nice, it has many "tabs" which can be drag and droped anywhere you like, charts look fine, fast access to account center, help, chat, alerts and signals, and unfortunetly this are all pros.Open positions behave funny, i won't tell you what i exactly mean you have to see it by yourself, OpenPositionPrice-CurrentPrice rearly seems to match.
Watch EA scams!!! out for

Do not buy just because advertisment looks good!Well this is second forex bad news this week, so i guess coming days can be only better . Recently i found forum post at ForexFactory, where author talked about some scammer selling MetaTrader expert advisor, unfortunetly i can't find this post now to give you permament link so i will just tell you what i know about the case.First of all this "Expert Advisor" costs 25 000$ (a lot of cash) but from what i have heared it isn't worth even 25 cents. So if you recive such offer by spam or something it is best just to ignore it.Ofcourse if you find offer interesting then you may want to buy it, in this case it is best to do your own due dilligence, search forums, ask questions etc.
Stop using HedgeHog!

I have a quite sad news for you, i backtested both hedgehog strategies with MetaTrader which i described earlier and results are not as good as i thought.More over using HedgeHog you cannot even breakeven it is a fast way to loose all your money. It is interesting because when i backtested it with spreadsheet results where quite good, and i used the worst case scenerio because i was backtesting this strategy on daily bars, so modeling quality was quite low.Although HedgeHog seemed to be simple and effective strategy, without a big drawdown, so everything should be ok but ... well it isn't.If you want to try to trade this strategy anyway, then you better try it on demo first and do not use big lots.
Forex success easy

I also realized that effortless success is worthless success. Don't make the same mistake i made, try to learn from all your trades. So like i said he borrowed cash and started trading. It's an article about a guy who made millions from stock market, but often it can be short sentence like "You can make easily 200$ a day by trading forex market".I am not saying that making big cash on forex is impossible, i am merely saying that road to success is not as easy as it looks like. I thought i was already good at trading, but i didn't started to trade real money because i remembered the old rule: you need at least two years to get good at it, and that was a great decision because next months brought me nothing but loses.Despite i made a lot of (virtual) cash i didn't learned a thing, i was just enjoying my profitable trades and thought to myself how good i am at this. After few good trades people tend to think: hey i know this stuff, and they start to bet big bucks and what they bet on is nothing more then luck.Some time ago i knew a guy who took 10 000$ loan from bank to trade on forex, when i first met him he had only 4 000$ left. It may be good in a short run but in the long run, the problem is no one ever learned from easy success. When i started trading, i had two months in a row when i made about +20% on my capital every single month. Think about:- why you made a trade- what market did - what you should do next time when similar event will occur.I keep all my positions open for at least few days, so it is not a problem for me to remember them, but if your trading style requires you to make several trades a day then you should start a journal, you may think they are for 13 year old girls but they are not, all highly successful people write and update their journals. I am just saying you should be prepared for it, trade for at least six months on demo account, then when you will get comfortable with trading demo, start trading real cash with oanda, marketiva or fxsol. You have to make a lot of trades loose cash (better to start with virtual money), learn from your trades, analyze them, search for patterns on charts and develop your own style which will feet you, not your need of money.The most successful forex traders i know are not the ones who made money very fast, but those who lost their deposits twice before they started to make money month by month and yes it took them about two years to get there.But again don't get me wrong on this, you don't have to lost 20 000$ to start making money. He told me then that he read an article on internet about a man who made millions on stock market and he thought that trading is a fast and effective way of making money. Alternatively you may try starting a blog it is free and you can share with other traders your ideas, thoughts and what you are doing. People are generally nice and will be happy to help you with trading. After just two months he lost 4 000$, so he decided to buy automatic system ("magic pill") which will trade for him. This are brokers who will let you trade with small amount of units this also means small deposit, as low as one for oanda and marketiva When he finally decided to turn off automatic trader, he was already down additional 2 000$ and of course profits that this robot made were also gone.When you first look at this story it seems there is no "easy success" embedded, but i assure you there is. First month of robot trading was great, he recovered some cash and everything was going straight, but the disaster was still to come, suddenly out of nowhere robot started losing, poor guy didn't knew why and what to do with it, because he bought this robot and let it work, without looking into sophisticated algorithm robot was built of, the only thing he knew was: robot is losing.